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narratives in business

Combining Fact and Fiction: The Importance of Narratives in Business

Tips on writing and narrative theory is something most authors seek in order to improve the quality of their books or texts in general. But here’s a little secret: Writing tips and narrative theory is not only about books, whether fiction or nonfiction. Applying narrative theory in business contexts can be a crucial element of success.

What exactly do we mean by narrative theory in business contexts, and how can it increase productivity through the creation of better texts?

Using narrative theory in a business context can be a crucial element for success. Here is how to improve the narrative structure of a project.

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content formatting

Why You Should Consider Formatting Before Publishing That Article

A good content marketer knows content formatting plays an important role in content marketing strategies. Everything from text, images, calls to action (CTAs), videos, and graphics is organized so readers can consume content easily and pick out the important takeaways in your article.

I’ve been with Craft Your Content as a content producer for more than half a year, working alongside our Director of Production, Erika Rasso. Our job as content producers is to prepare articles for publishing into a content management system and lay out visual elements to make it more appealing.

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writing for public relations

4 Weird Ways a Decade in PR Has Made Me a Stronger Writer

What sort of image comes to mind when you picture a public relations (PR) professional?

Perhaps you envision a glamorous life, filled with high-profile events and parties or long days spent bopping from client meeting to client meeting in sky-high heels. Unfortunately, most movies and TV shows get PR completely wrong.

Here’s a more accurate image of a day in the life of a PR professional: head down, at a computer, tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard.

Most people think because PR professionals work to attract the attention of the media that we aren’t doing much writing ourselves, but that simply isn’t true.

With nearly a decade of experience in the PR industry, first at a hospital, then at a tourism bureau, and now as the CEO of Jessica Lawlor & Company (JL&Co) working with my own clients, I know first-hand just how much time I spend each day writing.

Spoiler: It’s a lot.

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managing social media

Managing Your Social Media Presence as a Professional Writer (When You Don’t Love Social Media)

There’s nothing like going on a camping trip and being forced to be without internet for four straight days to make you take a good, hard look at yourself and your addiction to your smartphone.

Heck, before I dove into writing this article, can you guess what I was doing? Yup, scrolling mindlessly through my Twitter feed.

At first, while I was camping, I definitely felt anxious about not being able to check my emails or text messages. What’s going on in the outside world? What if my client emails me with an urgent question or request? What if one of the editors needs me? I literally have no reception.

But I also thought to myself … What about my Twitter followers? Or my LinkedIn audience? Will they think I suck at social media?

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