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writing online

The Secret Element to Good Writing Most Writers Forget About

When, where, and how will an audience read your content?

You might be an engaging writer with a valuable message, but your writing will miss the mark if you fail to consider the context in which readers find it.

Context isn’t a new concept in good writing, but it’s probably never been more important than it is with digital media.

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context in writing

Content Might Be King, but Context Is Queen

We’ve all had the saying “content is king” thrown at us by some marketing guru’s blog, e-book or webinar series. The phrase originated in an essay by Bill Gates in 1996, where he explained that content will make the majority of money on the internet, just as it did in previous forms of broadcasting.

Since then, the phrase has dictated the behaviour of brands and marketers online like a religious text.

(I wonder whether it would have if someone other than Gates had made the claim?)

While he was certainly correct in his statement, content is now not the only driving force in successful branding and marketing.

People have caught on to the content game, so something else is now needed to distinguish excellent branding from average marketing. This is particularly true for brands trying to engage younger people on social media.

That “thing” is context.

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narratives in business

Combining Fact and Fiction: The Importance of Narratives in Business

Tips on writing and narrative theory is something most authors seek in order to improve the quality of their books or texts in general. But here’s a little secret: Writing tips and narrative theory is not only about books, whether fiction or nonfiction. Applying narrative theory in business contexts can be a crucial element of success.

What exactly do we mean by narrative theory in business contexts, and how can it increase productivity through the creation of better texts?

Using narrative theory in a business context can be a crucial element for success. Here is how to improve the narrative structure of a project.

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content formatting

Why You Should Consider Formatting Before Publishing That Article

A good content marketer knows content formatting plays an important role in content marketing strategies. Everything from text, images, calls to action (CTAs), videos, and graphics is organized so readers can consume content easily and pick out the important takeaways in your article.

I’ve been with Craft Your Content as a content producer for more than half a year, working alongside our Director of Production, Erika Rasso. Our job as content producers is to prepare articles for publishing into a content management system and lay out visual elements to make it more appealing.

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