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About Craft Your Content

You and I both know that writing is a craft. It’s a craft we spend all our time researching, perfecting, and creating...yet it still somehow never feels finished.

The thing I found was missing in the world of writing was the camaraderie. It was the “You & I” part, that I mentioned above.

While we know there are other writers out there, doing the same things and dealing with the same endless cycles, it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone.

Our Story

I’m Elisa Doucette, Founder and Executive Editor of Craft Your Content. I’m a lover of language, always interested in where words come from and what history is behind them. I spent years (okay, almost two decades) writing my own articles and posts, working in the world of content marketing before it was a world we all knew about. As the rough and tumble world of bloggers transformed into a motley crew of professional writers and creatives, the mission to improve began.

Enter the elusive “editor.” Enter the rules I didn’t want to follow. Enter the misguided help that resulted in changing my words and opinions into theirs.

I created Craft Your Content because, well, I was over this narrative.

I was tired of hearing frustrated writers at all levels, feeling like they were in this alone. I wanted the teamwork and I wanted to go beyond just being fellow writers. I wanted to build a community, create a safe space (where you may hear the occasional cuss word, just warning you), and help give writers the confidence to finally feel that “ah-ha” moment.

To feel like your time, research, and the perfection of your craft was worth every single moment spent behind your keyboard. I’m taking away the mysterious editors and replacing them with partners instead.

What We Do

In a world that is every-(wo)man-for-(her)himself, writing doesn’t have to be.

Our team knows those thoughts swirling around in your head because we’ve been there, too. We know what it’s like to second guess your work, to wonder if it’s all really worth it, and to feel the surge of anxiety every time you press that “Publish” button.

The thing that Craft Your Content does differently than other editors is that we partner with you.

We hope you see us as your creative collaborators along the journey to crafting content that works for you, is high quality, and lets you release tension rather than live with it. Our team offers empathy and banter in place of cold-editing and impersonal communication. We offer two-way conversation, not just critiques.

We work with you, not against you.

As a trusted partner in your writing and creative endeavors, we provide two different levels of support to professional writers and entrepreneurs who have a goal of rising above the noise of online content and make their own words, their own craft, even better.

Our first level of support is offered through:

  • Courses and Community where you can work alone or in groups to improve your writing and get the results you crave.

Want a more one-on-one approach? We offer that too. Our second level of support offers:

  • Proofreading, Content Editing, and Writing Coaching for those who are looking to achieve their maximum performance, go beyond superficial successes, and dig deep with our team of witty yet talented individuals.

Meet the CYC Team

An agency like this does not run on the power of any individual. We have an accomplished team of writing experts and business pros who are at the ready to work with members and clients to make their words exceptional.

Elisa Doucette

Founder and Executive Editor

Erika Rasso

Director of Development, Marketing, and Production

Giselle Sproule

Content Manager

Arnela Gonzales

Content Producer and Graphic Designer

Chris Angelis

Content Editor

Joaquin Roman

Copy Editor

Julia Hess

Podcast Editor

Nathan Winfrey

Content Editor and Social Media Manager

Melissa Lewis Grimm

Senior Copy Editor

Melody Boggs

Content Editor 

Sarah Ramsey

Content Writer

What We’re Passionate About

We help writers who are just starting out, are in the process of creating a brand, or are wanting to promote a business. We love entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and anyone who is trying to move up a level in their writing game. 

We work with writers who want to focus on the quality and authority of their writing. We don’t offer generic instructions and don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. At the heart of it all, we care about you as a human being.

Our team recognizes that you need to be your most genuine and authentic self, and we are firm believers in helping you do that. Rather than changing your voice or sacrificing your ideas in favor of perfect prose or correct grammar, we help make you (and your words) even better.

You can read more about our promise to our clients in our Editor’s Creed. While of course SEO and other “fun” details are important, we believe that they are all secondary when you are able to craft content that is good.

Craft Your Content provides accountability, expertise, and gives you our dedication. All that we ask for in return is that you give us your dedication, too.

Welcome to the CYC family. We’re glad you’re here.

As a bonus for reading all about us, we want to share one of our most helpful starter resources with you. If you find yourself struggling to find your voice and vision, we’re here to show you how.

Our FREE 10-Day Course helps you define what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Like building up a personal resume of the “why” behind your craft.

You’ll also receive our fortnightly newsletter, filled with tips on how to write content that captures your voice.
We may be biased, but this is one you’re not going to want to miss. 

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