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Mar 19

The Six Best Podcasts for Professional Writers

By Giselle Sproule | Articles , Writing | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Podcasts have been around for a while, but have been really gaining momentum within the past few years. Covering anything and everything from education and music to sports and comedy — whatever you’re into, there’s most likely a podcast about it. And if you’re here, you’re probably into writing.

I’ve collected some of the best podcasts for those who make their living by writing (or aspire to). Whether you’re looking to further your career, push your writing to the next level, or just find some entertainment fit for a wordsmith, you’ll discover your podcast match-made-in-heaven below.

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Mar 15

The 5 Craziest Words in English and How to Use Them

By Hailey Hudson | Articles , The Craft , Writing | Reading Time: 7 minutes

Writers, just go ahead and admit it: your guilty pleasure is words.

Long words, interesting words, crazy words. You collect them in secret, maybe storing them somewhere in the hope that you can use them someday — but when the opportunity finally arises, you feel too pretentious.

Well, today I’m here to give you courage. I’m going to introduce you to five new words to add to your arsenal — and I’m going to outline the perfect places for you to slip them into conversation or your writing in a way that feels perfectly natural.

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find inspiration as a writer
Mar 12

6 Books to Inspire Professional Writers

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Reading | Reading Time: 12 minutes

There are many ways to find inspiration as a writer: trying out new creativity prompts, eavesdropping on interesting conversations in public (super guilty of this — sorry every-person-who-sits-at-a-table-next-to-me-in-a-diner-ever), or meditating until a brilliant idea pops into your mind.

But the simplest, most certain way to get your creative gears turning?


When words are your great love — and corralling them into something cohesive is your career of choice — there’s no better way to spark your motivation and muse than by indulging in your passion.

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side projects
Mar 08

How to Build for the Future When You Need Money RIGHT NOW

By Ali Luke | Articles , Entrepreneurship | Reading Time: 9 minutes

One of the toughest challenges as a writer and entrepreneur is figuring out how to build for the future when you also need to keep money coming in steadily.

If you’ve got a day job in place, it may actually make things easier: you’ve got your day job income, and you’ve got your entrepreneurial side projects. If they don’t pay off straight away, it might be frustrating, but it’s not financially crippling.

But if you’re a full-time entrepreneur or freelancer, it can be a lot harder. You need to bring in enough money every month to pay the bills … no matter what. Maybe you’d never even contemplate turning down a paying client (even if they’re a poor fit, and even if you’ve already got enough work for the month). Quite possibly, you have a family to support; your income is what keeps food on the table.

Understandably, your priority is likely to be what’s happening right now: taking client calls, or writing freelance pieces, or pitching for new gigs.

You might dream of having other sources of income, like a book or online course, to take some of the pressure off. With a product out there, even if you don’t have many billable hours in a particular month, you’ll still have some money coming in. (You might even get to take a vacation.)

Finding the time to actually write that book or produce that ecourse, though, could feel almost impossible.

Well, it’s definitely not easy. But here’s a step by step plan that should help.

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