romance novels
Aug 17

6 Ways Romance Novels Will Help You Write Better Copy

By Sarah Ramsey | Articles , Writing | Reading Time: 10 minutes

Ah, summer. The season of beach reads, whether you’re actually at a beach or just wishing you were. It’s all about the paperbacks full of escapism and fun.

These types of popular novels, especially when they’re categorized as romance novels, catch a lot of flack for being unserious, fluffy, and mindless.

That’s definitely not the case.

I’m going to go even further and let you in on a secret: these books can teach you a lot about how to write better copy.

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write every day
Aug 14

Do Authors Need to Write Every Day?

By Jessica Wood | Articles , Writing | Reading Time: 6 minutes

It is one of the most commonly repeated pieces of writing advice that you will hear: To finish your book, you need to write every single day without fail.

Writing does require discipline, so it seems like sensible advice, but the idea of writing every single day might seem daunting. Stephen King is able to write 2,000 words a day and complete a draft in three months, but he is a genre-defining bestseller who is financially able to stay at home and write every day. Chances are, like most writers, you are eking out writing time whenever you can fit it in between work and family commitments.

So do all authors need to commit to a certain amount of writing every day, regardless of other circumstances? Is it really possible to finish a writing project without maintaining the same schedule as the bestselling authors?Continue reading

ideal workspace
Aug 10

Practical Creativity: Tips for Setting Up Your Ideal Workspace

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Creativity | Reading Time: 13 minutes

Creativity is often thought of as something elusive, as something that just happens to you, some passive blessing that gets bestowed on the bemused creator with no warning, logic, or effort.

The image of a creator desperately waiting for the muse, totally at the mercy of its whims, is far too common. And too frequently, we creatives encourage that idea.

How many times do we refuse to paint because “nothing is striking us?” Or refuse to even sit down at our desk because we’re certain we’re crippled with writer’s block? Or leave our guitar to gather dust because we just aren’t “feeling” it right now?

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Aug 07

Not Part of the Plan: An Organizer’s Journey to Being Flexible

By Gina Edwards | Articles , Creativity | Reading Time: 8 minutes

Since the day my first grade teacher handed me an assignment notebook (analog tablet, for all you teens reading), I’ve been hooked on planning my life.

Carefully penciling in daily activities, to-do lists, and passing thoughts … once I found time management, I never let go. Just ask the teetering pile of journals in my childhood bedroom.

While my nervous, scribbling little self may have been somewhat of a childhood oddity, it turns out my planning habits prepared me for 21st century adult life here in the United States.

You know the one — where we all hack our days, our time, and our sleep, in efforts to make every minute count. Squeeze in, optimize, achieve, repeat.

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