effective copy
Jun 26

Using Fiction Techniques to Write Effective Copy

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Writing

On the surface, copywriting and fiction writing may seem like wildly different things, with completely unique tool sets. Copywriting is often practical, information-driven, and concise, while fiction can be verbose, emotional, and highly stylized.

However, there are many elements that fiction and copywriting have in common. They both need to be engaging, memorable, and attention-grabbing. They both need to know their audience, have a consistent message and voice, and stand out amongst other writings.

Whether you’re a professional copywriter, a fiction writer who writes copy as a day job, or a business owner or other professional who writes their own copy, fiction techniques can help teach you how to make your copywriting captivating, relatable, and highly effective—and can help you reach your target audience in the best way possible.

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not writing
Jun 22

How to Improve Your Writing by Not Writing

By Garrett Grams | Articles , Writing

How can my writing possibly improve if I don’t write? Yes, that’s a contradiction, but what I mean by not writing is don’t only write.

It is common for a writer to consider only writing for a period. It may be when you’re stuck or not seeing return on your investment in writing. It may just be that you’ve heard how isolation has worked for others.

Be warned, however: this romantic ideal of focusing only on writing can limit your perspective.

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Jun 19

Rejection Doesn’t Mean You are a Failure, But It Might Mean You Aren’t Ready

By Erika Rasso | Articles , Marketing & Publishing

I try to avoid rejection at all costs. Does that mean I give up easily? Hell no!

Any article about rejection will tell you to never let the fear of hearing “no” keep you from doing something. They’re right.

Then how do I avoid rejection, you ask? I work my butt off to be the best, and I do whatever it takes to get what I want. I also rarely take no for an answer.

It generally works, although I’ve also been pretty fortunate. Or I’m just so persistent that people tell me yes just to get me to stop emailing them. Either way, my quest for acceptance works out in my favor.

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engaging content
Jun 15

How to Create Engaging Content: 10 Steps to Writing Greatness

By Rosalind Atkinson | Articles , Writing

Great articles come in all shapes and sizes, from transient internet lists to verbose, lengthy musings in the London Review of Books.

Truly engaging articles, however, don’t happen by accident.

The mark of a great piece of engaging content (for our purposes here, at least) is not how long it is, how fancy the language is, how qualified the author is, or how technical the subject matter is. It’s how the reader feels while (and after) they read it.

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