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May 21

6 Ways to Fight Creative Blocks and Generate Ideas for Blog Content

By Jessica Fender | Articles , Creativity | Reading Time: 7 minutes

Sometimes it comes on like a brick wall. You’re doing your thing, creating content, and then suddenly it all just stops moving forward.

There are a lot of reasons. It can be emotional, with some aspect of your personal life overwhelming your enthusiasm and your creativity. It can be physical, with high stress levels and an overly demanding workload taking their toll. And sometimes it can be entirely random.

Maybe you’ve got all the pieces in place, but it just isn’t working.

In moments like this, you need some help. You need some way to get the idea generation machine running again. As writers, we’ve all had to figure out the right tricks to get past that brick wall.

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May 17

What Is Copywork (and How to Use It to Establish a Daily Writing Routine)

By Julia Hess | Articles , Reading , Writing | Reading Time: 8 minutes

“Copying is the highest form of flattery,” my parents would tell me whenever I was annoyed about my friends “copying” me. I didn’t believe them. (I was 8 years old at the time; can you blame me?)

But then I started college, and this “copying is flattery” came back to haunt me. My literature professors would tell me, “If you want to write like an academic, you need to read a lot of academic writing.”

So, essentially, if I wanted to do well in college literature courses, I had to figure out a way to copy these writers.Continue reading

May 14

Delegating to Avoid Burnout: An Entrepreneur’s Solution

By Erika Rasso | Articles , Entrepreneurship | Reading Time: 10 minutes

There aren’t enough hours in a day.

Here at Craft Your Content, someone is always working. I mean that literally. After combining the hours of our team of approximately 10 members, we put in the same number of hours that are in a week. Not work hours, mind you, real human hours. 24/7.

On a closer look, Elisa Doucette, our founder, works 35 percent of those hours, followed by Managing Editor Julia Hess and I (content producer) combined at another 30 percent, and then the rest of the team at the remaining 35 percent.

While that’s still pretty top-heavy, we’re at a better place than we were in 2017 thanks to the art of delegation.

You only need to look at Elisa’s hours to know that running a business is more than a full-time job. One that you absolutely cannot do alone.

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May 10

How to Cut the Fat and Make Your Writing Lean and Mean

By Nathan Winfrey | Articles , Editing , The Craft | Reading Time: 7 minutes

Raise your hand if you’re intimidated by public speaking. If you’re in public right now, maybe just agree discreetly to yourself so strangers at the next table won’t give you the side-eye.

What is it about talking to a large audience that gives so many of us pause? Is it the staring, potentially judgmental crowd? Is it the harsh lights and wailing microphone feedback? Is it the possibility that we’ll forget to wear pants?

For most people, it’s the pressure of being “on”—front and center, live, in the hot seat.

Unless the words of your speech are graven upon your soul, you’re prime for derailment at any moment.

But what if, while you were up on that stage, there was a way to freeze or rewind time, without anyone knowing but you? You could choose your words perfectly or even reverse and rescue yourself from a disastrous quagmire of word salad.

How many people would be afraid of public speaking then?

Writing for an audience is public speaking, and your backspace key is your DeLorean.

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