Oct 19

Healthy Boundaries for Professional Writers and Freelancers

By Julia Hess | Articles , Entrepreneurship | Reading Time: 11 minutes

When you love what you do for a living, it’s hard to establish boundaries around your work.

I’ve never had a regular job where I could motivate myself to wake up at five in the morning and get right to work, but being a professional freelancer does it. I want to spend as many waking hours as possible (and sleeping hours, if I could work in my sleep) writing, editing, and brainstorming new pitches and marketing strategies. Hell, I don’t even need coffee that early — my adrenaline kicks in and I’m ready to dive into work.

But recently, I’ve experienced what happens when I don’t put boundaries around my work. When you’re working 60+ hours per week, even if it’s doing something you love, there is a lot to balance.

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Oct 16

There’s Only One Solution for Burnout and You’re Not Gonna Like It

By Erika Rasso | Articles , Entrepreneurship | Reading Time: 7 minutes

As we are now halfway through October, I’d like to think that summer is finally over.

Thank god.

To a kid, summer means three months of ultimate relaxation and fun. It means no more classes, no more school work. Tons of time to chill.

But after you enter adulthood, summer really loses its meaning. Yes, we continue to have — and be affected by — the seasons, but there’s no more vacation mode. No more time to rest and recharge. It’s just another season you have to power through.

This was my first real summer of just “powering through,” and boy did I learn a lot.

Primarily, I learned that burnout is not at all fun and something you should try to avoid at all costs.

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Oct 12

Handwriting Versus Typing: The Best Method for Writing

By Melissa Lewis Grimm | Articles , Writing | Reading Time: 10 minutes

It’s hard to believe that people still handwrite at all these days; we tend to rely on computers to do everything because they make it so easy.

I write articles on my laptop, though I do take a few notes here and there on paper.

And yet, I am a big fan of handwriting. I could be one of its groupies or the president of its fan club.

I remember learning how to write in cursive in elementary school, but I’ve often wondered if “kids these days” still learn that. (Wow, I sound like an old, evil villain from “Scooby-Doo.”)

In fact, the Common Core Curriculum Standards no longer require that students learn cursive handwriting in school, although some states have chosen to continue teaching it.

If typing is so ingrained in our lives, why should we even consider handwriting our content anymore?

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childhood creativity
Oct 09

Your Inner Kid Has Something to Say About Your Writing. Start Listening.

By Gina Edwards | Articles , Creativity | Reading Time: 10 minutes

Between the options of reading a book and talking to a person, I usually go page-turner.

This truth has been self-evident since I can remember, or in other words: elementary school.

While all the other boogers bounded off to the crumb rubber for recess, I roamed my mental playground, pondering whatever glossy-covered paperback I’d glommed onto that week, while noting ideas to scratch down in the mucked-up composition notebook I toted around.

This youthful indifference toward socializing powered hours of quiet, private activities —unleashing my creativity through fitting together puzzles, sketching pictures, scribbling in my journal, and most exciting of all… sticking my nose in books. Belle fan from way back.

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