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Our Favorite Content of 2019

It’s the end of the decade. Can you believe it? 

The last 10 years have been so full of books, movies, television shows, podcasts, and other widely creative content that it’s a wonder we all haven’t gone comatose from sleep deprivation (though we most certainly are sleep-deprived).

While everyone seems to be doing their “top 10 of the decade” lists, we’ve stuck to just 2019 to save you a few dozen scrolls of the page. 

Without further ado, here’s Craft Your Content’s fourth annual roundup of our favorite content from the past year. 

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read like a writer

How To Read as a Writer

If you fall down the right wiki-hole in the tinfoil hat-wearing corners of the internet, you’ll learn that “it was aliens” is a rational origin for much of modern technology. Whether it came as gifts from our interstellar allies or was reverse-engineered from crashed saucers, no one at Area 51 is returning my calls to confirm.

But in a big way, reading another author’s work is the same as discovering a UFO from another galaxy and digging out its secrets.

Some philosophers say each person is a world, so it would follow that each message they send out is a vessel from that world. So how do we as writers who want to upgrade our own abilities brush away the dirt and damp forest leaves, find a seam for our crowbars, and pry open a panel of alien metal to reach the glowing sprockets and humming diodes inside?

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practicing writing

The 2 Most Effective Practices for Professional Writers

After writing full time for four years, I’d still modestly consider myself a rookie writer. But just by advertising my articles on LinkedIn and Twitter—where I have a half decent following—occasionally younger, more inexperienced writers get in touch with me and ask me this question:

“How do I become a successful writer and get clients?”

It’s quite funny, actually; I remember torturing writer and writing coach Elna Cain with similar questions in the past.

“Elna, how can I become a better writer?”

“Elna, how can I earn money writing full time?”

“Elna, where can I bag myself clients regularly?”

Her answer was pretty clear, and that was to keep practicing my writing—practice even when I’m not working on a project—write even when I have no clients—and when I’m not writing … read.

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writing inspiration

3 Ways to Inspire Yourself Out of a Writing Drought

One essential ingredient for your writing life is knowing how to wake up your writing spirit, which is that subconscious push to write. Writing droughts exist, but there are ways to avoid getting caught in them.

Writing can be fun with its expressive nature and can also be challenging through the fight to string words together to reach a sensible point. However, it can feel burdensome when you reach a dead end or fail to get inspired to write.

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