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narratives in business

Combining Fact and Fiction: The Importance of Narratives in Business

Tips on writing and narrative theory is something most authors seek in order to improve the quality of their books or texts in general. But here’s a little secret: Writing tips and narrative theory is not only about books, whether fiction or nonfiction. Applying narrative theory in business contexts can be a crucial element of success.

What exactly do we mean by narrative theory in business contexts, and how can it increase productivity through the creation of better texts?

Using narrative theory in a business context can be a crucial element for success. Here is how to improve the narrative structure of a project.

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5 Reasons Why Having a Writing Mentor Is Crucial

I decided to take my writing to the next level a few years back and put my creativity to the test by starting my own freelance writing service.

It sounded easy back then; it wasn’t, and to this day … it still isn’t.

But it can be a little less daunting with the correct guidance and mentorship along the way.

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4 Reasons Quality Is Better Than Quantity When it Comes to Pitching Guest Posts

4 Reasons Quality Is Better Than Quantity When it Comes to Pitching Guest Posts

Writing guest posts has a long list of benefits: You can make a little extra money, get links back to your website, have a byline to show to potential employers or clients, and gain a platform to share your voice and your opinions.

However, pitching stories and article ideas to editors is an art, and many writers do it wrong. Up until recently, I was one of them. I used to pride myself on the huge number of pitches I sent out each week, trying to get a guest post published on a website or a feature accepted for a print magazine.

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health for writers

8 Ways Professional Writers Can Improve Their Health

Do you realize that writing is seen as one of the most dangerous professions around?

Because you write for a living, you likely spend several hours a day sitting and staring at your computer while working. Maybe you also enjoy snacking on whatever you can lay your hands on, while drinking an endless supply of coffee, all day long.

And before you know it, a whole day is gone, and you only got up when you had to go to the bathroom.

At night, you collapse on your bed, and sleep for just four to six hours, only to wake up and repeat the same cycle all over again. And now, you’re complaining of headaches, body pain, fatigue, and other symptoms of poor health, all the time.

Want to hear the truth? You’re living a sedentary life.

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