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faster content tips

3 Simple but Important Tips for Writers to Produce Quality Work Faster

Writing faster and more efficiently is something I’ve learned to adapt to gradually over the years of being a full-time writer. 

Time efficiency and quality when you’re a full-timer are, let’s just say, hella important. 


Well, the more quality work we churn out, the more money we can potentially earn by gaining higher-paid gigs, right? I’m not an aerospace engineer, but that isn’t exactly rocket science, is it? 

You’re aware of that already, and I’m not here to insult your intelligence … so I’ll get to the point now.

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right word

The Art of Picking the Right Word

The English language has hundreds of thousands of words, and learning how to pick the right one for the occasion is an art. Like every art form, word choice is also partly subjective, depending on the context, and overall often frustrating to “get right.”

Have you ever revisited your older texts, perhaps some early attempts from many years ago? Did you have a slightly odd, cringey feeling of barely recognizing yourself as the author? If so, I can relate! This feeling of perplexed embarrassment is partly caused by the different word choices made by your old self compared to your current one. 

As inexperienced authors, our vocabulary is not very evolved—that’s certainly one aspect of it. In other … words, we might not be aware that there is a more accurate, more specific word for what we try to convey. As a young author, I saw no problem with using nice in every other sentence.

The issue, however, goes far beyond not knowing a certain word. 

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What Writers Can Learn by Attending a Social Media Conference

Social media conferences, unlike writing conferences, may not ring a bell in you if you are not really into content marketing. Still, it is one among many types of conferences that writers shouldn’t ignore, especially if they’re into writing fiction or do content production for online and social media consumption. 

If you want to up your social media marketing skills, boost your creativity in design and writing, or open up to new possibilities in areas such as tech, you may have to look beyond conferences aimed just at writers. 

Luckily, the start of a new year brings with it many conferences for writers and digital marketers. It is also a time for us writers to reflect, make resolutions, and plan on events to attend during the year—and this is where social media conferences, just like writers’ conferences, should enter in our planner.

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honest writing feedback

5 Shrewd Ways to Get Honest Feedback about Your Writing

Let me take a wild guess: Because you enjoy writing, you’ve always dreamed about making a living with it.

After all, friends and family members tell you how much they love and enjoy your writing every time you share it with them, so it must be good enough.

Am I right so far?

But now that you’re ready to become a professional writer, you’re suddenly reading everywhere you turn that it’s dangerous to depend on the people closest to you for feedback on your writing. One, they may not know enough about writing to give you relevant and useful feedback. Two, even if they are knowledgeable, they might be less than honest about any negative feedback they have, to avoid hurting your feelings.

And now, you’re completely off-balance because you don’t know who else to ask, or where else you can go to get honest feedback on your writing. Since I’ve been in your shoes before, I understand how you feel.

But there is good news!

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