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how to write faster

How To Write Faster: 7 Clever Ways to Hack Your Productivity

You’ve got an hour and you’re going to use it. You could write a whole book chapter, finish that report, get a blog post up, maybe conquer the world! The possibilities are endless.

So, you open up your word processor.

Suddenly, the hour is over. You swear you just blinked, but the clock doesn’t lie. And that word count? It’s not exactly worthy of bragging rights. 

If you’re like many people, you need to learn how to write faster, which really means that you need to write smarter. When you’re a blogger, time is money. You can’t post once or twice a week if you spend three days fighting with the same post. 

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writing privately

Why Writers Should Not Only Write Publicly But Also Privately

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Writing publicly to an audience is a prerequisite of becoming an acknowledged writer. 

Otherwise, nobody will know what the hell you do! You’re not exactly gonna get too far with your writing career if you don’t, right? 

And I’m no mind-reading guru, but my guess is you want to earn a few bucks, too? 

This means that you will have to write publicly in order to get noticed. This might require paid work for websites, publications, and magazines; quite a lot. 

That’s on top of things like guest blogging, finding a traditional publisher, writing articles on your personal blog or website, and writing product descriptions for search engine optimization companies. 

I’m sure that’s not too much news to you. Hear me out, though.

In addition to that, some entrepreneurial writers, like myself, write privately, too. 

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writing good introduction

How To Write the Perfect Introduction

Picture this: You have an incredible idea. You think it has beautiful promise, and as you eagerly open your word document, already imagining what the finished product will look like, you run into one little problem. 

You’re stuck on the first paragraph. You can’t even get past the third sentence without backspacing every imprecise word because it sounds horrible.

Well, you’re not alone. Writing an introductory paragraph might be the most challenging task for any writer. The first sentence has to be sharp and witty; an attention-grabbing line to accompany an intriguing headline, but one that can assure the reader that you’re still discussing the topic at hand. The paragraph has to be short yet long enough to present the arguments that will be addressed. It requires creativity and intimate knowledge of what the audience wants.

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writing buddy

3 Things You’ll Get Out of a Writing Buddy (And Why That’s Not What Matters)

I write in a bubble. I’m so obsessed with reaching my daily word count, improving my craft, and looking for opportunities to sell my work that I rarely reach out to other writers. Sure, I’ll scroll through Twitter like most other writers, but I don’t build lasting relationships with them. I just don’t have the time. I’ve got enough work on my plate.

At least, that’s what I used to tell myself, until I started paying more attention to what other writers were doing. 

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