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Laura Gale

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #47 With Laura Gale

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Laura Gale is an author, ghostwriter, and developmental editor, with a background in publishing and marketing. Cutting her teeth as a publicist at Hachette, a global publishing house, she worked on promoting a few titles you may have heard of before, like Twilight and Harry Potter. When she decided that she wanted to travel more, she immediately built an online business, creating health and fitness programs and high-level content for other location-independent entrepreneurs and business people. She also worked for a variety of eCommerce clients, helping them to optimize their own content and strategize their marketing funnels and acquisition process.

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improve writing memory

How To Improve Your Writing Memory With 3 Special Diaries

Keeping a diary is an activity cherished by many authors. It has helped them express their feelings as well as exercise their writing memory by recalling experiences.

Developing a good writing memory—that is, an ability to remember events and experiences from a storytelling perspective—is essential for authors. It allows them to be productive and effective in expressing thoughts, feelings, and opinions, which is the cornerstone of good writing.

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writing exercises

5 Writing Exercises You Can Do on Your Lunch Break

If you ever tackled a creative writing project, then you know that writing is a labor akin to moving a boulder up a hill. If you’re a writer, then it’s a labor of love––it takes time, work, and dedication that you wouldn’t trade for the world. But if you’re one of many Americans working more than 40 hours a week, it can leave you mentally exhausted from doing your job and finding time to write. I know it was not too long ago when I worked full time at a demanding job. To say the least, it didn’t leave me much time to write.

Or so I thought.

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Sherry Walling

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #46 With Sherry Walling

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Dr. Sherry Walling is a licensed clinical psychologist, lecturer and professor, yoga teacher, author, and yes, an entrepreneur herself these days. After extensive time spent treating post-traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans, working with families in family violence, and supporting the mental health needs of physicians and police officers, she shifted her focus slightly from career-specific work to addressing stress-related problems in high-achieving people. Already an accomplished professional herself, she also has a spouse of nearly two decades who has founded, run, and exited multiple successful businesses.

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