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networking with other writers

The Benefits of Networking With Other Writers and How to Do It

Writing is often considered a solitary profession, but it’s actually quite the opposite—at least, it should be. Though it’s true that as a professional writer, you’ll likely need to spend most of your time working on projects alone, being social is still an essential part of the job.

If you’re working as a freelancer, it’s especially important to get your name out there to find new clients and jobs and to advance in your writing career. Though it may be tempting to use your freedom as a freelancer to become a hermit, it’s rewarding and beneficial to seek out connections with others in your industry.

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18 Gifts for Writers & Entrepreneurs in 2018

Another year, and another stressful shopping season, is upon us. Do regular commercials even suggest good gifts anymore?

Sorry Walmart, I don’t want or need a new flat-screen TV. Show me something different and exciting, or at least functional to my loved ones’ daily life.

That’s where we come in. For the fourth year in a row, we put together a list of gifts that are perfect for the writer or entrepreneur you’ve been struggling to shop for.

Since it’s 2018, here are 18 amazing gifts.

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writing fiction and nonfiction

What Fiction and Nonfiction Writers Can Learn From Each Other

As a kid, I loved writing fiction—long, rambling, imaginative stories that didn’t have much structure. So when I took freshman comp in college, I got a rude awakening. An essay? With a beginning, middle, and end? Where I had to stick to the facts? I was in over my head.

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content manager

4 Signs You May (Desperately) Need a Content Manager

It happens to the best, most well-intentioned of us.

You start a blog for your website to help boost your marketing goals, and you begin writing often. But writing on the daily (or even on the weekly) can become quite taxing when you’re also running your own business, especially if your blog is helping you find more of that business.

You then decide to bring some writers onto your team. With the (wo)manpower to fuel dozens of articles a month, without necessarily relying on your own personal time investment, you’re working your way toward becoming a content-producing boss and killin’ your marketing strategy.

Until you realize there’s a big issue you need to solve: How do you find a consistent, cohesive blog voice when you have a team of writers?

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