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70 Gifts for Writers – Craft Your Content’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

What do writers want for their holiday gifts?

Whether it is Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, ChrismaKwanzaKkah, Blue Christmas, Bah Humbug!, or something else … we’re coming up on the season of celebrations and gift-giving.

And it can be a struggle to figure out what to give the writers in your life.

Heck, if you are a writer, it can be a struggle trying to figure out what to ask for!

Have no fear, my writing comrades.

I’ve spent months scouring and saving items from some of the coolest and most interesting sites on the internet. 

So whether you are looking for a gift for writers in 2022 or want to send this article to someone so they can find a gift to give you—we’ve got you covered! 

*Prices are accurate at time of publishing


Pens, Notebooks, and a Writer’s Journaling System

Some writers will say they are sick of stationary gifts, but those writers are lying to everyone around them.

Most importantly, they’re lying to themselves.

Sort of joking aside, there is something magical that happens to many writers when they get a brand-new crisp notebook and/or fancy set of pens to write with.

It’s our version of a blank canvas, with slow thinking and fast notation.

Journaling Pens for Writers

Mr. Sketch Scented Stix ($9.99)

These magical tools will take any writer under the age of 50 back to their first experiences with creativity. A colorful way to get your journaling done.

Mochi Vivid Pen Set ($24.95)

Reviews share that these are a must for anyone who likes to get fancy with their handwriting embellishments.

Pilot G2 Fine Pens ($22.79)

My absolute favorite pens, I have at least 8 colors at any time. Whenever I recommend, at least a half-dozen others share their +1. 

Journals & Notebooks for Writers

Mead Wide Ruled Composition Book ($4.00)

They’re cheap, they’re what we used in primary school, and I have a shelf of completed books in my office.

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Top Spiral Legal Pad ($11.95

Have a writer who likes piña colada and getting caught writing in the rain?

“INHALE, EXHALE” Spiral Notebook ($10.00)

Know a writer who needs a bit of a confidence boost to dig into their craft?

Confidant Hardcover Notebook ($19.00)

Cloth-covered and lie-flat design, this is a perfect journal for serious journalers who are in for a long writing session.

Moleskine Classic Notebook ($22.95)

It’s a classic for a reason, no matter how you want to pronounce it.

“You are a Writer” Journal ($24.38)

This is a great cover for any writer who wants to get more serious and could use a reminder of how special writers are.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook ($27.00)

Got an eco-conscious writer in your life? Maybe a tech-loving creative?

”Write, don’t talk” Leuchtturm Hardcover Notebook ($27.50)

If you’ve ever heard a writer say “I need to get writing again,” then this is the journal for them.

Little Book of Brilliance Notebook in Panama ($50.00)

When you want to spoil a writer with the luxury of Panama leather and gilt-edged Featherweight paper.

Under $20

Proofreader’s Correction Marks Tea Towel ($11.74)

Vintage tea towel with a vintage print of vintage grammar marks (because editing is so tech-savvy these days!)

Other-Wordly: words both strange and lovely from around the world ($14.99)

We love a good unknown and/or untranslatable word from places far-flung and next-door.

Craft in the Real World: Rethinking Fiction Writing and Workshopping ($16.95)

Writing changes, as well it should. And how we look at the craft of writing needs to change alongside it.

Wreck This Journal ($16.00)

The writer’s equivalent of a wreck room, where they can get out a bunch of thoughts, then burn it all to the ground.

Literary Device Prints ($10.00)

It says these are for classrooms, but I’m definitely purchasing and printing these writing terms for my Scottish office walls.

AquaNotes® ($12.00)

A favorite around these CYC posts, this notepad allows writers to jot notes in the best brainstorming spot — the shower!

Jane Austen Bust Succulent Planter ($14.95)

Plant a nice cactus or hens-and-chick cluster right in Austen’s brilliant brainspace.

The Tequila Mockingbird Kit ($9.95)

Who wouldn’t want to host a fancy party with bespoke literature cocktails and tools?

Book Darts Bronze Bookmarks Tin ($14.99)

Marginalia is making a comeback, but some writers just can’t bring themselves to mar a pure white page.

2023 Literary Calendar ($15.00)

Beautiful desktop calendars by the month, with gorgeous ink drawings of famous literary quotes.

Lady Macbeth’s Guest Soap ($3.95)

A deep cut for the literature lover who knows what that “damn spot” did to the Macbeth family.

Noodler’s Bulletproof Blue Ghost Invisible Ink ($15.20)

Writers who want to leave secret messages in their scribbles will enjoy this secret spy treat.

Flexilight Reading Light ($11.99)

It’s a bookmark! It’s a lightweight reading light! It’s not bulky and cumbersome! It’s all the nighttime reading things!

Genius Writers Playing Cards ($11.74)

Game players will love these playing cards that let them show off some of their favorite writers.

Amber Blue-Blocking LED Book Light ($13.00)

For writers trying to cut back on that nighttime blue light but desperate to get their reading in.

$20 - $40

Dinner with Mr. Darcy: Recipes Inspired by the Novels of Jane Austen ($24.95)

For those who love a good night in the kitchen and the allure of Georgian relationship and class analysis.

Paddywax Library Collection - Edgar Allan Poe Soy Candle ($30.00)

Never would have guessed I’m a Poe when it comes to candle scents, but here we are. Lots of other scents available as well.

Vintage Book Design Wood Tissue Box Holder ($29.99)

Fancy folks who like their studies to look fancy will appreciate this fancy holder to those plain cardboard tissue boxes.

Writing Hour Candle ($19.19)

An aesthetic aromatherapeutic addition to any writer’s regular routine.

Galaxy Glass Dip Pen ($18.42)

Whether they keep this sparkling delight as a desk ornament or dip the nib in their favorite inkwell.

Light-Up Word Clock ($35.00)

It’s hard enough to watch the clock some days. Why not make it wordy rather than tickety-tockety?

Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow ($21.95)

Nothing says “Happy relaxing ahhhhh” after a long day of staring at text on a screen like this weighted scented bag.

Atlas Games: Once Upon A Time ($27.95)

Using various story and ending cards, the possibilities are nearly endless for a writer looking to tell new tales.

Future Best-Selling Author Mug ($27.00)

A good gift for the author who is working away at that Great Novel manuscript or querying their face off.

Grey Chambray Beloved Packs ($38.00)

Cold or hot, this therapy pack can help to ease the aching strain of typing neck or white screen migraines.

Writers and Their Typewriters Poster ($18.40)

What tools did older writers of the pre-Commodore 64 generation create on? Now you’ll always know!

Leather Vintage Book Folio Laptop Cover ($25.99)

Vintage book lovers will love getting a chance to wrap their writing workhouse in this leather folio case.

Dream Chair Stationery Cards ($18.00)

A perfect personal notecard for readers who like to curl up in a chair with their favorite book. Or address book.

Beginner’s Bookbinding Kit ($23.99)

Know someone who gets into making their own writing treasures? Then they’ll love this chance to bind their own books.

Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle ($19.00)

Know a mystery lover? Give them a mystery to solve that will leave them ... puzzled!

Wishing Ball ($35.00)

Rather than simply thinking your wishes, why not write them down and give this crystal ball a chance?

Travel Tea Infuser ($35.00)

Though I’m normally a coffee consumer, this travel mug with built-in tea infuser looks great for tea-loving writers on the go.

Dammit Doll ($31.74)

There is no vicious foe more frustrating for a writer than the inevitable writer’s block. This doll can help to get out some of that pent up aggression!

Solid Wood Book Shape Coasters ($38.00)

These coasters work well horizontally for drinks, or vertically on a fun little drink coaster bookshelf.

Reusable Sticky Notes ($39.99)

Saving the planet and saving costs by reusing those sticky notes again and again.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($29.99)

I’d personally make my breakfast and lunch in this guy. Possibly some of my dinners, too. So I can get back to writing.

$40 - $100

The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands ($45.00)

Sometimes the best way to figure out a fictional land is to get a map clear in your mind; and you can find some inspiration from these famed creations.

Write Teal & Black Leggings ($39.95)

The uniform of a writer most days. Leggings, comfy top, and messy hair you’ve forgotten to comb.

Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey ($44.99)

Though alcohol is not essential to all writing processes, a writer’s tears are an unfortunate common byproduct.

Writer Bookends ($54.39)

A set of solid steel bookends that can inspire someone to one day be the writer of the books enclosed within.

Herbin 5 ink set ($45.00)

5 jars of ink from an ink company that started in Paris in 1670? Yes, please!

Used Books Monthly ($50.94)

Books are meant to be savored, and sometimes passed along for someone else to enjoy. This gets you two gently-loved tomes a month for 6 months.

Mydethun 3D Moon Lamp ($59.99)

The thought of sitting curled up beside this, by a roaring fire, into the night with a book and a blanket -- pure bliss!

Globe-shaped Whiskey Decanter Set ($62.99)

World traveling whisky writer? This is a perfect addition to their study if they ever find a place to settle into.

Good Vibes and Money Pillow ($45.00)

Velvety plush luxury while reminding yourself to get that money and chase that goodness.

“you got this” Banner Print ($75.00)

If you can’t be there to cheer them on, this banner will remind them you’ve got their back!

The Ultimate Writer Boxed Gift Set ($50.00)

Want a whole box of writer gifts and items? Even better, some parts can be customized.

Renpho Eye Massager with Heat ($64.59)

A heated shiatsu massage of my eyes and headspace is exactly what I need after a long writing session.

Over $100

Writers Messenger Wood Box A5 ($239.00)

If messenger bags aren’t your jam, or you crave structure in your writing routine, this travel box with easel and storage is the “bag” you need.

Wireless Charging Pad ($140.00)

We live by all the electronic devices that need to charge and connect in our lives. Why not do it in dripping style?

Soft Fleece Electric Blanket ($149.95)

Last autumn I discovered the bliss of a fleece electric blanket on a brisk evening, and I’ve never gone back.

Freewrite Traveler ($499.00)

These amused me when they first came out, as they’re essentially word processors. But their popularity continues to grow for distraction-free writing sprints!

Airbnb Gift Cards ($150.00)

Did someone say ‘writer’s retreat’? Get them to a remote spot for a few nights to dig deep on that project they haven’t been able to focus on.

Arlo Skye Lap Desk ($112.50)

I work so many nights on my couch with a bag of crisps, a glass of wine, and a laptop on my lap desk. Bonus: This one can store stuff as it is moved.

Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player ($119.99)

Load your writing playlist (from Amazon or Spotify) regardless of internet connection or screen availability.

QWERKYWRITER® Typewriter-Inspired® Mechanical Keyboard ($249.99)

The clickety-clack of a typewriter keyboard is a sound many writers miss (or long to hear) when they’re typing away. This brings it all back to a computer setup.

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame ($119.99)

An endless stream of digital photos for their desk or bookshelf to remind them of the things that truly matter to them.

2022 Holiday Shopping Achieved

Your gift giving has officially been upgraded.

We hope this list gave you more than enough ideas for that special scribe in your life. Maybe some of these even caught your eye, writer or otherwise! 

But...just in case 70 ideas aren't enough. You can check out our guides from 201520162017, 2018 and 2019

*All prices accurate at time of publishing.

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