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No surprise, we write a lot of articles on Craft Your Content. Usually about writing, editing, and crafting your content.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to dig through our articles yet, we wanted to make it nice and easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Here are some of our most popular posts (and some of our personal favorites that don’t get the love they deserve) broken out into five simple categories.

1. On Writing

2. On Editing

3. On Creativity and Process

  • Ira Glass on Storytelling – Ira Glass, the voice and mind behind the This American Life radio show & podcast, is often asked about his creative process. In an interview he did for On Storytelling, he explains what NO ONE tells beginners.
  • Surviving Your Creative Hangover – This is about a totally different type of hangover that afflicts the artists and entrepreneurs of the world. With rough results.
  • Don’t Read Books, Read Authors – Though there are humans writing everything you read, that personal connection can be much more tenuous in the age of information overload. So what do we do?
  • How Can Boredom Make You More Blissfully Creative? – There are going to be periods of boredom — sometimes intense boredom. Sitting alone with one’s thoughts is a challenge in modern creative life.

4. On The Business of Writing & Publishing

5. On The History Behind Words

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