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We had a new business meeting with the head of marketing for a huge company and he said that he thinks our marketing/thought leadership (particularly the Medium publication) is some of the best he's ever seen. I attribute much of that to the editing help CYC has given us.

Sam Spurlin , Managing Editor at The Ready

A unique mastery of copywriting, editing and writing; you are not just line-editors—you are a thought-partner and visionary.

Jenny Blake , Author of PIVOT and Life After College

The pure amount of projects, sales pages, book drafts, blog posts, and website copy reviews (over 2.5 years of collaborative work on profitable websites) shows more than I could write how much I respect and value Elisa and CYC’s opinion when it comes to copy and content.

Dan Andrews , Tropical MBA & Dynamite Circle

I wanted to use writing to tell the stories of my photographs in a way that drew potential clients into the time and process of capturing that moment...the increased confidence that I have in marketing my site is a direct result of the great support and working relationship that I have with everyone at CYC.

Melissa Mullen , Melissa Mullen Photography

CYC’s help with writing and editing was the key turning factor in an extremely important breaking point for my business. They helped me to present my ideas in precisely the right way for the situation, and while they made everything sound way more professional, they also preserved my ideas in a way that I could still identify with.

Simon Payne , ConvertPlayer & LeadPages

CYC are *the* best editors I've ever worked with. I wrote a number of articles for various tech-centered websites where Elisa served as Managing Editor. While I am not the best writer, I've always carried pride in my writing ability. I usually greet the edits of proofreaders and editors with boredom. This was not the case with CYC. To this day, they are the best content editors I have ever worked with. For the first time, I was significantly challenged--and thrilled--by an editor. Because of them, I've produced my best work ever; featured in major publications in both print and media. I could not recommend CYC any higher.

Basel Farag , Freelance Writer and iOS Programmer

How We Work and What We Believe

Craft Your Content (CYC) provides editing and proofreading services to authors and entrepreneurial writers who want to rise above the noise and publish excellent written material. We work with clients who have something important to say and are interested in creating value through high-quality content, rather than chasing superficial successes.

We value the unique voice and vision of each client. By understanding and respecting every client’s particular way of communicating and non-negotiable core values, we help them represent themselves through their writing in the clearest, most persuasive way possible.

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