Are you a driven writer who feels like your writing is good - but you'd like to make it even better?

You're in luck!

You are exactly the type of person we love to work with.

Content Editing and Writing Coaching

In addition to courses, community, and toolkits to help writers improve their writing craft, we also provide editing services to clients including:

  • Proofreading
  • Content Editing
  • *Manuscript Editing
  • Writing Coaching
  • *Content Management Workflows
  • Training for Writers Pens

We work with solo writers, solopreneurs, and writing teams.
Monthly client retainers start at $500/month and client packages start at $500/5 pieces.
We also accept one-off editing projects up to 10K words.

*Currently not accepting new clients for: Manuscript Editing and Content Management Workflows

How It Works

Craft Your Content is a bit different than most online editing and coaching agencies. 

We aren't interested in simple transactions and productized services. 

Instead, we act as a partner to writers who are looking to improve their writing and craft. Writers who might be looking for support, encouragement, challenges, tough love, and praise.

Sound like you?


Tell us a bit more about yourself, your writing, and what you are looking for by clicking "Get Started" (We provide editing, writing coaching, manuscripts, and proofreading services to our clients)


Don't be nervous! We aren't using this to weed out new writers or creators who aren't sure of themselves. Instead, we want to see how committed you are to improving your craft and working with editors who will help your writing shine.


We'll get back to you within 2-3 days, after we check our availability and review everything to make sure we are a good fit for what you need.


Even if we aren't a good fit, we'll be in touch to set up a special coaching call with founder Elisa Doucette, to thank you for taking the time to share your writing hopes and dreams. But here's hoping we are a good fit!


Tell Us More About Yourself and Your Writing

What Our Clients Say...

Carrie McKeegan

 INC COLUMNIST & CEO at Greenback Tax Services

Getting the courage...

CYC has been such a gift to me in my pursuit to tell my business's story. I honestly think if it weren't for Elisa, I would not have been able to get the courage or words to land a writing gig I was excited about, nor the accountability and forward progress to keep it.

Basel Farag


Significantly challenged and thrilled...

I usually greet the edits of proofreaders and editors with boredom. To this day, CYC are the best content editors I have ever worked with. For the first time, I was significantly challenged--and thrilled--by an editor. Because of them, I've produced my best work ever; featured in major publications in both print and media.

the ready

Sam Spurling


Some of the best he's ever seen...

We had a new business meeting with the head of marketing for a huge company and he said that he thinks our marketing/thought leadership (particularly the Medium publication) is some of the best he's ever seen. I attribute much of that to the editing help CYC has given us.