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Watch What You Sip: A Beverage Guide for Writers

Admit it: you’ve got a cup of coffee in front of you right now.

As you sip that steaming foam of goodness, close your eyes and ask yourself the following questions.

Why am I drinking this?

Seriously, why am I drinking this?

A precious few writers might be able to give answers with substance. But the rest of us will probably just shrug and say, “It tastes good” before taking another blissful swig.

For sure, a nice beverage brings comfort to a writer facing a deadline. However, beyond the pleasure of our taste buds, we need to find more compelling reasons for the drinks that we choose. Different drinks have distinct effects, both good and bad. If we don’t watch what we sip—or, indeed, how often we sip it—the effects on our health and our writing will be undeniable. Now that would be tough to swallow, wouldn’t it?

In this article, it’s mugs and glasses galore as I take the drinks out of the fridge and into your consciousness. Having done my homework on the nutrition side of things, I present to you the physiological effects of beverages we tend to sip while working. I’ll tell you which drinks keep you sharp, which drinks stimulate your ideas, and which ones are, well, just plain trouble.

Thirsty for the facts? Let’s dive right in!

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How To Properly Multitask as a Writer

Whether writing is a full-time job or not, as writers, we still have to do other things. For Jahlene Crisele, it’s about balancing between being a parent to a toddler and being a professional writer. For me, it’s about combining school and writing.

I have been a student for as long as I can remember. As a student, it can be difficult to do anything other than be a student and do just student activities, which are mostly studying, doing assignments or assessments, and partaking in extra-curricular activities. 

I enjoy being a student because I like learning new things and being around friends all aiming to succeed. Yet, I also love being a writer because having all my thoughts down helps me feel good—not to mention, I get to share those thoughts with someone else.

Whenever I share my non-school-related writing with people, I get questions like “How do you do it?,” “How do you find the time?,” “When do you write?”

But really, how do I do it? 

This article will walk you through some of my tips and tricks for combining writing with other activities. The key is to be able to multitask as a writer, but multitasking must be done properly

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un-ideal writing routine

Your Un-Ideal Routine: Getting Your Writing Done When Your Perfect Writing Routine is Impossible

Once again, you’ve planned out your perfect writing routine. Maybe it’s a detailed spreadsheet, a list of writing appointments on your Google Calendar, or maybe you kept it old-school with a paper planner and colored boxes.

Once again, you’re excited to get started. Surely, this time, you’re going to hit your self-imposed novel deadline or finally write consistently for your blog.

But, once again, your routine falls apart. 

Maybe you didn’t even get past day one. Even the thought of rescheduling your writing into your week makes you feel disheartened—because there’s no way you can fit in as much writing as you want and no way you can write at your best time of day.

All the advice in the world on constructing your perfect writing routine can fall flat when your life is packed full of other commitments, and prioritizing your writing feels like an impossible task. Before learning to use your un-ideal routine as a strength, you must first learn to let go of the ideal, as I’ll show you in this post.

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creative procrastination

Ways to Improve Productivity and Creativity Despite Having a Short Attention Span

Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, a short attention span might be another pandemic we are unwittingly living with in recent times. Due to having short attention spans, a good number of us have issues with being as productive as we ought to be.

Because we are aware of ADHD, we find ourselves identifying with it, even without a proper diagnosis from a professional. 

In this piece, I will share with you how to break away from the trap of misdiagnosing yourself with having ADHD while coming up with ways to be more productive at what you do, despite being prone to having a short attention span.

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