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conquer burnout

To Conquer Burnout, Do the Unthinkable

When I was younger, the burning out seemed to be a complete myth. 

I would sit and ponder how someone could lose inspiration or drive to do the thing that provides joy to their lives. Growing up, there was never the stress or the competition of providing something no one had ever heard of before. 

That is, until I grew up. 

As my age continued to increase, so did my need to outperform my latest piece and push my mind to an ability it was not used to. Some nights I worked from dusk till dawn, yet eventually I found a daily routine. What I thought I’d never experience actually started becoming true. 

In this post, I’ll show you ways to conquer the challenges of burnout you might be facing, and how to come back stronger than before. 

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writing of anthony bourdain

What We Can Learn From the Writing of Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was the rock ‘n’ roll star of the culinary world. He made his name in the white-hot hell of New York kitchens, and was known for his cavalier style and love of French cuisine. 

He also loved to write. He found it therapeutic, a way to gather his thoughts and ideas away from the gleaming knives and fiery threats of the cookhouse.

But his passion for the kitchen also glowed through his writing. He treated words the same way as he handled ingredients—with a deep respect for their flavor, but a commitment to simplicity over fuss. 

Writing the way he spoke, his style was no-nonsense and to the point, almost aggressive. After his death in 2018, he was hailed as the “Hemingway of gastronomy” and it’s easy to see why: Both men wrote honestly and directly, and had little time for nonsense.

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writing process

How The Science Of Learning Can Help Writers

We’re all different. But there’s a good chance that, as a writer, one of the following options applies to you:

  1. You don’t see how educating yourself will make you better at your job.
  2. You feel that you should embark on a professional self-improvement journey.
  3. You are already actively taking ownership of improving the quality of your work.

If you fall into any of these categories, this article is for you.

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How To Build and Maintain Reader Trust

Ever clicked an article that captures your interest and then abandoned it partway through? Even dismissed it entirely? Perhaps the headline promised something compelling, but the content didn’t deliver. Maybe the subject was something dear to your heart, but the writing came across as ill-informed or overly biased.

There are a whole host of reasons readers give up or reject an article. Poor flow. False promises. Off-putting walls of text. Untrustworthy or meaningless sales blurb. It’s easy to unintentionally write content that isn’t engaging, especially on unfamiliar subjects. Worse is falling into the trap of employing tricks to stand out from an ocean of posts on a trending topic.

The good news is you don’t have to be that writer. Follow the tips in this article to find techniques to keep your readers hooked to the end, build trust in your words and, more importantly, avoid common pitfalls.

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