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sensory exercises

Six Sensory Exercises to Improve Your Writing

The title of this article might sound like an advertisement for a (para-)psychological experiment, but fear not. I don’t plan to demonstrate a way to summon the spirits of old authors to ask them for writing advice!

Instead, I’ll talk about six sensory exercises that can help you improve your writing in a simple, easy-to-follow way.

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Having the Right Mindset as an Entrepreneurial Writer

How do we achieve our goals and reach the pinnacle of success as an entrepreneur who writes?

Through hard work? Natural raw talent? Of course, you need both of these attributes in your locker.


But first (and most importantly), you need the desire and hunger to succeed before you set out on becoming an entrepreneurial writer. This stems back from your mindset.

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content formatting

Why You Should Consider Formatting Before Publishing That Article

A good content marketer knows content formatting plays an important role in content marketing strategies. Everything from text, images, calls to action (CTAs), videos, and graphics is organized so readers can consume content easily and pick out the important takeaways in your article.

I’ve been with Craft Your Content as a content producer for more than half a year, working alongside our Director of Production, Erika Rasso. Our job as content producers is to prepare articles for publishing into a content management system and lay out visual elements to make it more appealing.

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How To Make a Writing Comeback After a Long Break

Every author has a different writing journey. Some begin theirs at a very young age; others discover writing later in life. For some it is a continuous, uninterrupted endeavor, while others might stop writing for many years. And if that happens, making a writing comeback can be a daunting task.

Each one of us struggles with different things—in the writing process, productivity, and the publishing process. Some authors become disappointed or even disillusioned with the lack of recognition.

For others, life may get in the way. Employment, starting a family, unexpected illness, or another personal problem are all fully legitimate reasons for an author to put writing on hold.

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