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boring writing routine

What to do When Your Writing Routine Gets Boring

As a writer, you know that if you want to get any writing done on a regular basis, a writing routine is in order. As much as we would love to sit down at our writing workspaces only when we are feeling a burst of inspiration, that’s a good way to miss deadlines and let projects stagnate.

But what should we do when we feel like it’s our routine that’s stagnating? What if your writing routine is something that you drag yourself through as just one more of your daily obligations?

Maybe you’re not enjoying your hour of writing at the coffee shop as much as you used to, or you find yourself glancing at the clock after every few sentences you get down. These are not the circumstances that foster productive, creative writing time.

Luckily, there’s much that you can do about that. I have four tips for livening up your boring writing routine.

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better writer

4 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Writing Day by Day

You’re fiercely committed to being the best writer you can be. But sustaining that level of commitment amid the chaos of life can be hard.

Let’s face it. On top of writing, we have responsibilities. It might be an urgent professional obligation. Maybe it’s a family matter or even just a creative slowdown you can’t explain.

When your craft is a creative pursuit like writing, the path to consistent improvement—on a schedule you can maintain—isn’t always clear.

Fortunately, there are small steps we can take every day to remove the resistance and improve our writing.

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How To Tackle the Question of What to Write About

Let me tell you the one thing I know for sure: “What should I write about?” is a question all writers face, most or all of the time.

I also know waiting for inspiration to strike is not a solution. Finding a workable, effective way to get inspired is the primary step.

We are all aware that writing is done in isolation, but the material has to be collected from outside the confines of your workstation. Ideas can come from interactions with people, being out-and-about, and all forms of media.

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studying music

What I Learned About Writing From Studying Music

I was one of those kids who had to stay inside to practice the piano, who got to take time off from school for competitions, and took music theory exams on my own time.

Was I always thrilled to be doing this? Nope! But am I glad I did? Absolutely.

It wasn’t until my love-hate relationship with playing instruments settled firmly on “love” that I realized that having studied music for years taught me some valuable life lessons, including ones that can be applied to my writing.

This is what I learned about writing from studying music.

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