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How To Properly Multitask as a Writer

Whether writing is a full-time job or not, as writers, we still have to do other things. For Jahlene Crisele, it’s about balancing between being a parent to a toddler and being a professional writer. For me, it’s about combining school and writing.

I have been a student for as long as I can remember. As a student, it can be difficult to do anything other than be a student and do just student activities, which are mostly studying, doing assignments or assessments, and partaking in extra-curricular activities. 

I enjoy being a student because I like learning new things and being around friends all aiming to succeed. Yet, I also love being a writer because having all my thoughts down helps me feel good—not to mention, I get to share those thoughts with someone else.

Whenever I share my non-school-related writing with people, I get questions like “How do you do it?,” “How do you find the time?,” “When do you write?”

But really, how do I do it? 

This article will walk you through some of my tips and tricks for combining writing with other activities. The key is to be able to multitask as a writer, but multitasking must be done properly

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Dealing With Imposter Syndrome In 2022 As A Creative

Besides the obvious physical harm, COVID-19 also impacted many people mentally. Especially for creatives, going back to normal feels difficult. I find myself comparing my current work to that before the pandemic, and a sense of inability to do what I used to, and even anything satisfactory, keeps creeping back.

As creatives—that is, writers, artists, and other people who create something for people to engage with—the weirdest things can affect our mojo and getting it back is always our top priority if we ever lose it. 

If the pandemic made you feel like a fraud, or you’re finding it hard to get anything done, you might be dealing with imposter syndrome. I am a post-covid imposter syndrome victim, and I am in the process of getting my mojo back. I am doing a great job so far, so I would like to share my tips for beating imposter syndrome in the post-covid season.

With the world going back to normalcy, with most of us going back to our desks at work and trying to be creative in the way we used to, we need to get those creative juices up and running with full confidence. 

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