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7 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Eyes as a Writer

As a writer, you probably ask yourself all sorts of questions, but now ask this: 

Are you making mistakes that can hurt your eyes while using computers and other digital devices?

Admit it, you spend most of your daily working hours gazing at a desktop or laptop screen, writing and checking your emails at regular intervals. To relax after work, you play games on your computer, tablet, or phone, read books on your e-reader, or watch your favorite movie or television program for hours.

But you know what?

You can hurt your eyes and develop symptoms of digital eye strain when you make certain mistakes while staring at all those devices.

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improve knowledge writer

6 Ways To Gain More Knowledge as a Professional Writer

If you’ve made up your mind to push all forms of learning to a very distant future because you’re too busy growing your business as a professional writer, you need to quickly have a rethink.

Because the world we live in moves fast and changes rapidly, your current skills and knowledge can become obsolete and irrelevant at any time, and that can happen sooner than you’d expect. 

And if you’re caught unaware, making a living from your writing can become impossible, since you won’t be able to provide value or meet the needs of your target audience with obsolete knowledge and information.

But guess what?

To avoid this big mistake, you don’t have to go back to school for years at a time or take a whole week or even a day away from your business.

Instead, you can take deliberate steps to gain more knowledge and improve yourself on a regular basis while still growing your business.

Eager to find out how to do this successfully?

Then keep reading to discover six ways you can gain more knowledge daily as a professional writer.

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5 Useful Habits You Need as a Professional Writer

Now that your business has grown and more money is coming in, there’s one thing that may be giving you a headache as a professional writer:

How to cope with a workload that’s growing and expanding on a daily basis at an alarming rate.

Not only do you have to respond to emails, pay bills, maintain your website, manage your social media accounts, resolve technical issues, keep your books, and manage your taxes, you also need to write regularly.

Gone are the days of having lots of time for your family and friends because you now work very long hours every day, including weekends. To make matters worse, you also sleep a lot less and are mentally and physically tired most of the time.

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honest writing feedback

5 Shrewd Ways to Get Honest Feedback about Your Writing

Let me take a wild guess: Because you enjoy writing, you’ve always dreamed about making a living with it.

After all, friends and family members tell you how much they love and enjoy your writing every time you share it with them, so it must be good enough.

Am I right so far?

But now that you’re ready to become a professional writer, you’re suddenly reading everywhere you turn that it’s dangerous to depend on the people closest to you for feedback on your writing. One, they may not know enough about writing to give you relevant and useful feedback. Two, even if they are knowledgeable, they might be less than honest about any negative feedback they have, to avoid hurting your feelings.

And now, you’re completely off-balance because you don’t know who else to ask, or where else you can go to get honest feedback on your writing. Since I’ve been in your shoes before, I understand how you feel.

But there is good news!

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