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outsource to write more

Outsource These 6 Tasks and Gain Extra Time to Write

Alright, picture this: You’re a professional writer with your own business, but you struggle every day to find time to write.

But it wasn’t like that in the beginning.

When you first started your business, you had no other choice but to do everything yourself. Money was tight, but it was still exciting because, finally, you were doing something you’d dreamed about for a long time. Even those areas you were clueless about, you went out of your way to improve on, and you still had time to write.

More recently, though, your business has grown and you have more money coming in.

But—while this is good news—you now have an increasing number of business tasks competing for your time and attention, in addition to your writing.

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voice to text writing

5 Reasons to Write With Voice-to-Text Software

Are you fed up with your low writing productivity? Or maybe you’ve done your best to increase your typing speed and write faster, without success?

Then you’re in the right place because I’ve got good news for you. You can write faster and increase your writing productivity without typing, by using voice-to-text software.

So, what is voice-to-text software and how does it work?

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health for writers

8 Ways Professional Writers Can Improve Their Health

Do you realize that writing is seen as one of the most dangerous professions around?

Because you write for a living, you likely spend several hours a day sitting and staring at your computer while working. Maybe you also enjoy snacking on whatever you can lay your hands on, while drinking an endless supply of coffee, all day long.

And before you know it, a whole day is gone, and you only got up when you had to go to the bathroom.

At night, you collapse on your bed, and sleep for just four to six hours, only to wake up and repeat the same cycle all over again. And now, you’re complaining of headaches, body pain, fatigue, and other symptoms of poor health, all the time.

Want to hear the truth? You’re living a sedentary life.

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writing mistakes

6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When You Write for a Living

You’ve always wanted to write full-time and make a living from it, all because you love to write. And, at long last, you’ve made it happen. But you’re also asking questions and wondering how to get it right, to quickly become a success story.

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that your writing is no longer a hobby. Instead, you’re now a professional writer and you need to treat your writing as a business, since you write for a living.

And the second thing you need to do is identify and stay away from mistakes that are big enough to limit or even prevent your success as a professional writer. These mistakes are too expensive for someone who writes for a living, so it’s better to avoid them.

Ready to find out the kinds of mistakes we’re talking about?

Let’s take a closer look at six big writing and business mistakes to avoid when you write for a living.

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