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Writing for Online Readers? 9 Simple Tricks for Better Engagement

If your writing is meant to be published online, then you’re writing for online readers. And this writing can be in different forms like a blog post, an article, a web page, a product description, a buying guide, or a case study.

But there’s no guarantee that anyone will actually read your writing.

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6 Secrets to Writing Guest Posts That Editors Love

You’ve probably heard that your business and brand stand to gain a lot when you write guest posts. But maybe you’re at the point where it feels like editors have ganged up to reject all your guest-post pitches.

Getting your guest posts published doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Let’s look at those rejections from another angle: Most likely, you’ll discover that these editors are sending you a message. To understand that message, just take a step back and review everything you’ve been doing, strategically.

Let’s start at the beginning. What exactly is a guest post?

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