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What I’ve Learned About My Writing While Working with an Editor

The wise and wonderful Elisa asked if I would be comfortable sharing my experiences of having the Craft Your Content team edit my writing. It never dawned on me how personal the experience would be, so I immediately said yes.

As I read through past drafts, I see now how much I have learned. Though quite a bit of it has to do with a mastery (or slight lack thereof) of the English language, much of it has to do with myself personally.

I wanted to share my experience because, more and more often, I see my own clients letting the fear of an editor’s negative feedback take over, and it prevents them from producing a higher level of content. It’s like they dial it in with their simplest writing to avoid any potential questions or edits.Continue reading


Idea Generation – How Ideas Are Made

There may be no two words in the English language that, when put together, strike fear in my heart quite like:

“Let’s brainstorm.”

Upon the utterance of such a phrase, which implies that I need to somehow instantaneously create or invent not one, but a plethora of ideas – good, bad, and “interesting” – quickly, out loud and in a group, no less… well it’s enough to make my poor, introverted brain explode.Continue reading

How to Avoid Cliches Like the Plague (See What I Did There)

That’s so cliche.

Am I the only one who reads this phrase and hears a sixteen-year-old girl snapping her bubble gum and twirling her hair?

Cliches are phrases or words that started off interesting and impactful, but have been so overused that they’ve become comfortable, perhaps even predictable. Comfortable isn’t good. In the business world, comfortable is boring, and boring isn’t good for business.Continue reading

How Overusing Exclamation Points Gives English Grammar the Middle Finger

From an early age I took a shining to the French language. It was new and exciting, and when my older sister started learning it in elementary school, I followed along with her lessons. By the time I was old enough to start taking classes in school, I already understood most of the words and sentence structures.

Child genius, I know.Continue reading

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