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Measuring the Content Metrics that Matter: Do They Like Me? Do They Really Like Me?

Somewhere during the height of my adolescent angst, I received a great piece of advice: “Stop caring so much about what other people think.”

It is, in fact, a tremendous life strategy.

Especially when you’re facing a school full of fellow teenagers riddled with hormones and penchants for drama. Yet, as many discover while winding their way through life, this guidance becomes ever harder to follow.

There is always someone to try to impress. Or at least, to avoid being judged by.

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Mindfulness for Content Marketing

“Mindfulness” is a term you might expect to hear from your hot yoga instructor during a lecture on the benefits of mixing ancient algaes into your coconut water, before he wishes you “Namaste” and peacefully glides away on his fixed-gear.

It’s fair to be sceptical when new, vaguely spiritualist buzzwords are increasingly bandied about by journalists and policymakers as possible solutions to the social crises and intellectual stagnation of Western society.

Very often, these terms are an attempt to repackage an older idea that everyone is familiar with. The repackaging is not without its benefits, however, as it tends to highlight elements of the original idea that are more relevant to contemporary circumstances.Continue reading

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16 Uncommon Gifts for Writers and Entrepreneurs in 2016

It’s that time of the year again. Time for holiday shopping!


The task can be daunting. There are so many options out there that it seems easier to buy gift cards for your loved ones and call it a day.

This is especially true with the writer/entrepreneur in your life. What do you buy for a person who sits on their computer all day? A new desk? A new computer? Not a great way to show you care. How’d that vacuum you bought your mother work out for your family?

We’re a fickle bunch, but we like things that will make our lives easier.

Get creative — the people you are buying presents for are! Here are 16 gifts you can get the writer or entrepreneur in your life:Continue reading

How Can Boredom Make You More Blissfully Creative?

Endless stimulation and engagement are what the internet seems to be built for.

However, the infinite links between billions of texts, videos, and images have also shown us how quickly we can become bored by each new piece of flotsam that wells up from the fathomless depths of the cyber-ocean.

Jonathan Franzen characterizes engagement with the internet in the following way: when we project “ourselves onto a cyberworld … there’s no end of virtual spaces in which to seek stimulation, but their very endlessness, the perpetual stimulation without satisfaction, becomes imprisoning. To be everything and more is the Internet’s ambition” (Farther Away).

Franzen’s essay goes on to reckon with the suicide of his friend and fellow novelist, David Foster Wallace. Wallace’s depression, Franzen reasons, was bound up with his inability to escape boredom.Continue reading

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