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studying music

What I Learned About Writing From Studying Music

I was one of those kids who had to stay inside to practice the piano, who got to take time off from school for competitions, and took music theory exams on my own time.

Was I always thrilled to be doing this? Nope! But am I glad I did? Absolutely.

It wasn’t until my love-hate relationship with playing instruments settled firmly on “love” that I realized that having studied music for years taught me some valuable life lessons, including ones that can be applied to my writing.

This is what I learned about writing from studying music.

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best font for writing

How To Choose the Best Font for Your Writing

Do you have a favorite font? Are you dedicated to Times New Roman, or are you more of an “anything-but-Wingdings” kind of writer? Maybe you haven’t given your choice of font much thought.

I used to fall into the latter category, until at university I heard about a guy who claimed that when he wrote his essays in the Georgia font, he got better grades than when he used other fonts. Now, I received this anecdote with a healthy dose of skepticism, but when you’re drowning in essay deadlines, anything is worth a try.

I did get some solid marks with Georgia, but there were too many factors at play for me to be able to attribute my success to the font. How much difference can a font really make?

As it turns out, more than you might think, and it’s not just about getting better grades.

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writing poetry

What Writers Can Learn From Writing Poetry

Poetry seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate.

Were you the kid making begrudging rhymes in your high school English class, or the one putting their heart and soul into every cheesy metaphor? Either way, you turned out to be a writer, which means you have something to learn from revisiting poetry.

Here at Craft Your Content, Amanda Stein has already explored how reading poetry benefits writers, but what about writing poetry?

Attempted by few since their student days, writing poetry is a creative, fun method of boosting your writing skills in ways that you might not expect. Whether you are used to writing no-nonsense copy, chatty blogs, or high-fantasy novels, consider making poetry part of your writing practice. Let’s take a look at what writing poetry can do for you.

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What I Learned From Great Writers About Maintaining Momentum

Do you feel like you have endless ideas for things to write about but can’t seem to finish the project once you start it? Do you have folders and folders of old, unfinished writing?

We’ve all been there: thinking of a great, original idea for an article or blog post, getting it halfway finished, and then, just sort of … running out of steam.

What’s missing is writing momentum, that wonderful force that makes you excited to sit down at your desk every day because you know what you want to say and you feel like you’re all too ready to put it into words. Momentum makes you feel like you’re in charge of your writing and gives you the boost you need to get projects done.

But even the greats struggle with maintaining momentum. Luckily, they’ve come up with all sorts of ways to keep it, and we can follow their examples. This is what I’ve learned from other writers about keeping momentum in my own writing.

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