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The 32 Most Important Books I’ve Read In My Life (So Far)

Updated 8/5/17

Earlier this week I shared with The Writing Rundown crew a basic schedule I adhere to that allows me to get in 3-5 hours of reading daily.

While attending yoga classes, meeting friends for meals and hanging out, writing for 2-3 hours…and running Craft Your Content. Needless to say, I like to get a lot of time out of my days, and only occasionally “waste time” to go on day-long Netflix binges during which I never change out of my jammie pants. But oh, believe me, there are days I go on day-long Netflix binges!

The whole message came about after a friend said to me “Your GoodReads account is like my aspirational reading.”Continue reading

Finding Your Place While You Travel the World

How many times have you seen the words “travel” and “find yourself” lumped together?

From the study abroad posters featuring beaming college kids prancing around Prague, to REI’s brochure with the backpack-clad adventurer ziplining to Nirvana, traveling seems to promise us the world… literally. It will help you figure out who you are. The destination might be far, but the real journey is inside.

This is the sales pitch.Continue reading

Be Nice to Your Reader

As writers, we should always be careful when making assumptions about the comprehension of our readers.

One of the first lessons any composition student learns is the importance of considering his or her audience. Who are they? What level of knowledge and comprehension are they bringing to their reading of your work?

When we ask ourselves to identify this hypothetical reader, we start by making our own, sometimes faulty, assumptions. Broadly speaking, these assumptions pertain to our readers’ abilities, which are typically assessed in terms of their level of education and their specialization in skills and knowledge.Continue reading

The Only Decisive Question You Should Ask in Sales

Politicians and professional salespeople aren’t the only ones skilled in the art of selling.

Believe it or not, we are all selling something.

If you’ve ever recommended a movie or a restaurant, you were selling someone on something you believed to be a worthy investment of their time and money. If you ever went on an interview, you were selling yourself.Continue reading

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