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Amanda Kaye Stein graduated from the Academy of Art University with an A.A. in Fashion Design (focus on Fashion Illustration and Creative Writing). She’s worked as a freelance writer, editor, social media manager, graphic designer, artist, and comedy improv performer. She’s an aspiring novelist, YouTube creator, and ukulele rock star. She is currently a copy editor and graphic designer for Craft Your Content.

find inspiration as a writer
Mar 12

6 Books to Inspire Professional Writers

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Reading | Reading Time: 12 minutes

There are many ways to find inspiration as a writer: trying out new creativity prompts, eavesdropping on interesting conversations in public (super guilty of this — sorry every-person-who-sits-at-a-table-next-to-me-in-a-diner-ever), or meditating until a brilliant idea pops into your mind.

But the simplest, most certain way to get your creative gears turning?


When words are your great love — and corralling them into something cohesive is your career of choice — there’s no better way to spark your motivation and muse than by indulging in your passion.

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achieve excellence
Feb 01

How to Strive for Excellence (Without Burning Out)

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Writing | Reading Time: 13 minutes

Professional writers are a varied breed. But whether you make your living writing web content, fictional best sellers, or the latest headline articles, nearly all authors who stand above have one thing in common: a persistent and committed dedication to excellence.

As noble and rewarding as a quest for excellence can be, it can also come along with some pretty nasty side effects: stress, anxiety, exhaustion, illness, lack of enthusiasm, and a lack of inspiration or motivation (AKA writer’s block).

When we deal with these side effects for too long, we burn out.

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writing routine
Jan 25

Practical Creativity: Craft Your Perfect Writing Routine

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Creativity , The Craft | Reading Time: 12 minutes

Routines tend to get a bad rap. They’re stuffy, uptight, unforgiving, and only for the most anal types who wear suits to work and get huffy when things don’t go exactly as planned. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you design your routine the right way, and take into account your personal style and needs, you can actually boost your creativity and become even more inspired (and say hello to your muse whenever you want).

If your personal brand of writing isn’t creative writing (say, if you’re a copywriter or a journalist), molding your schedule around creativity may seem a bit frivolous. But even the most factual, reality-based writing is still creative at its heart; you need to find a unique, personable way to educate, inform, or reach people using only words, which is an art form in itself.

If you’re a creative writer, you may think that scheduling your creativity is the perfect way to kill it — but that’s true only if you try to force it into a schedule that works against it, not with it. Or you may feel guilty for making getting inspired such a priority. But when writing is your passion (and especially if it’s your career), then your creativity deserves care, focus, and commitment — and the right routine will give it just that.

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Jan 01

6 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make Your New Year Creative and Productive

By Amanda Stein | Articles , Creativity | Reading Time: 11 minutes

It’s that time of year again: new starts, fresh beginnings, and creative resolutions.

There’s no more perfect time to kick-start your creativity and plan for a new year that’s bursting with productivity and inspiration — but if that’s what you’re craving, the standard resolutions just aren’t going to cut it.

So how do you set resolutions that you’ll actually want to stick to (and not end up with the creative equivalent of an unused gym membership or an unread recipe book on clean eating)?

The answer is to set resolutions that will help make your next year a happy, motivated, and creative one by keeping your professional ambitions at the forefront of your resolutions. By following a few simple tips, you’ll be on your way to a new year full of productivity and inspiration.

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