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content formatting

Why You Should Consider Formatting Before Publishing That Article

A good content marketer knows content formatting plays an important role in content marketing strategies. Everything from text, images, calls to action (CTAs), videos, and graphics is organized so readers can consume content easily and pick out the important takeaways in your article.

I’ve been with Craft Your Content as a content producer for more than half a year, working alongside our Director of Production, Erika Rasso. Our job as content producers is to prepare articles for publishing into a content management system and lay out visual elements to make it more appealing.

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content manager

4 Signs You May (Desperately) Need a Content Manager

It happens to the best, most well-intentioned of us.

You start a blog for your website to help boost your marketing goals, and you begin writing often. But writing on the daily (or even on the weekly) can become quite taxing when you’re also running your own business, especially if your blog is helping you find more of that business.

You then decide to bring some writers onto your team. With the (wo)manpower to fuel dozens of articles a month, without necessarily relying on your own personal time investment, you’re working your way toward becoming a content-producing boss and killin’ your marketing strategy.

Until you realize there’s a big issue you need to solve: How do you find a consistent, cohesive blog voice when you have a team of writers?

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old writing projects

What Should You Do With All Your Old Writing? Delete, Ignore, or Update?

Do you have a stash of old writing?

Perhaps it’s a partial novel manuscript in a bottom desk drawer, or a handful of short stories in a folder on your computer, or a tatty pile of school magazines that published your earliest poems.

It might not bother you at all. Those old pieces may not weigh on your mind, and they may not feel like clutter, just a part of your writerly history, which is fine!

But if you occasionally think about that half-finished project from five years ago, or those stories you never managed to sell, or that excruciatingly bad fanfiction you wrote when you were 15 (or is that just me?), then you might want to think through your options.

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