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content formatting

Why You Should Consider Formatting Before Publishing That Article

A good content marketer knows content formatting plays an important role in content marketing strategies. Everything from text, images, calls to action (CTAs), videos, and graphics is organized so readers can consume content easily and pick out the important takeaways in your article.

I’ve been with Craft Your Content as a content producer for more than half a year, working alongside our Director of Production, Erika Rasso. Our job as content producers is to prepare articles for publishing into a content management system and lay out visual elements to make it more appealing.

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Morning Larks Versus Night Owls — When Is Your Most Productive Writing Time?

What goes into an ideal day of writing for you? Perhaps you’d like to start out with some coffee while basking in the early morning sunlight before hitting the laptop to write. Or writing morning pages in longhand with that shiny, new fountain pen.

Whatever it is, as writers, we always strive to find the best time to get some writing done. But is there really such a “best” time to write, or is that a myth? And could that myth actually somehow limit your writing capacity?

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writers impostor syndrome

Feeling Like a Fraud? How To Get Over Impostor Syndrome

We see those professional writers and entrepreneurs bask in the glory of their successful careers. They deliver quality work, become an authority in their niche, and seem to connect well with their audience. People get the idea that they definitely know what they are doing.

But beneath that surface can be a frustrated individual who feels like a fraud despite the glaring evidence of success.

We have all been there, one way or another. One minute, we’re feeling a sense of accomplishment with our work, and then next, we’re dragging ourselves down, flooded with guilt, because we feel undeserving of any kind of merit.

“Is it because of pure luck, or is it because of talent?” we may wonder.

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seo content writing

How To Write Content Both Search Engines and Humans Will Love

One of the biggest challenges that professional writers face is the struggle between writing content that is good enough to rank on search engines and sounds natural for their human readers to grasp.

The prospect of search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved constantly with time. Do people still believe in and practice the “Content Is King” principle or is it now just a bygone tactic in its slow demise?

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