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voice to text writing

5 Reasons to Write With Voice-to-Text Software

Are you fed up with your low writing productivity? Or maybe you’ve done your best to increase your typing speed and write faster, without success?

Then you’re in the right place because I’ve got good news for you. You can write faster and increase your writing productivity without typing, by using voice-to-text software.

So, what is voice-to-text software and how does it work?

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How To Download Some Self-Control

How To Download Some Self-Control

I arrive at my favorite coffee shop to write. Americano in hand, I sit down to work, telling myself this is going to be a productive day. The next thing I know it’s been two hours—I’ve managed to stalk friends of friends on Facebook, tweet about how much work I’m doing, tag my friends in funny memes, scroll through endless celebrity posts on Instagram, and read up on the latest Kardashian scandal. I’ve done everything except actually work.

Why is it that we can’t focus when the internet is there to help us lose our concentration? I know I’m not the only one who struggles with digital distraction.

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writing contests 2019

How To Enter Writing Contests and 10 Not to Miss in 2019

Do you feel like your writing is not nearly as good as it should be? One of the most viable solutions to this problem is to take part in a writing contest. Although this approach might seem strange, writing contests are beneficial to writers of all levels of experience.

With the topic inspiration provided by many contests, you can work your way to being a more versatile and established writer. However, the most beneficial part is that people in the writing industry will read your work and give valuable feedback.

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How To Tackle the Question of What to Write About

Let me tell you the one thing I know for sure: “What should I write about?” is a question all writers face, most or all of the time.

I also know waiting for inspiration to strike is not a solution. Finding a workable, effective way to get inspired is the primary step.

We are all aware that writing is done in isolation, but the material has to be collected from outside the confines of your workstation. Ideas can come from interactions with people, being out-and-about, and all forms of media.

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