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Our Favorite Books in 2016

We’re avid readers at Craft Your Content. We have to be, it’s our job.

You’ve seen our stats below. We read over 250,000 words a month – and that’s just in client work. When it comes to our personal lives, well, we have no personal lives. Will you see us partying on New Year’s Eve? Probably not. We’ll likely be digging into another book on our never-ending list.

Reading is what we do, and we love doing it.

Every so often we come across a book that blows our minds, knocks our socks off, or whatever cliche you feel is appropriate for a book that you stay up until 4 a.m. to finish.

These are our 4 a.m. books. The one’s we just can’t put down, that we read this past year.

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Don’t Read Books, Read Authors

My sister fell off her swing a couple of days ago.

To be more precise, the swing broke and deposited her on the ground. My mother had made it for her only days before, and I was confused how it was possible to make a swing so utterly useless.

“I don’t understand, either,” said our mother. “I followed the instructions so carefully.”

After asking a few more questions, I realised she had googled “how to make a swing” and downloaded the first guide that came up.

(My advice? Don’t do this if you care about your own or other people’s tailbones.)

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fifty shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Sh*t

The 90s anti-drug public service announcement of actress Rachael Leigh Cook bashing a frying pan around her kitchen just popped into my head. “Any questions?”

This is your brain.

fifty shades head

This is your brain after reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

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most important books

The 32 Most Important Books I’ve Read In My Life (So Far)

Updated 8/5/17

Earlier this week I shared with The Writing Rundown crew a basic schedule I adhere to that allows me to get in 3-5 hours of reading daily.

While attending yoga classes, meeting friends for meals and hanging out, writing for 2-3 hours…and running Craft Your Content. Needless to say, I like to get a lot of time out of my days, and only occasionally “waste time” to go on day-long Netflix binges during which I never change out of my jammie pants. But oh, believe me, there are days I go on day-long Netflix binges!

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