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listening to inner critic

When You Should Listen to Your Inner Critic (and When You Shouldn’t)

There are some days when I open up an older rough draft of a story I worked on several months ago, assuming it will be terrible, only to see that it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

When I was studying creative writing, some days I would take what I thought was a perfectly written piece to a workshop session, only for it to be torn apart by my tutor and fellow students. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether my inner critic is right or wrong.

The “inner critic” is the nagging voice inside our heads that judges our own work. If it becomes too loud, it can drown out all other thoughts and drain a writer’s self-confidence. In the worst cases it discourages people from ever writing again or trying to get their work published.

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healthy obsession

The Life of a Writer: A Healthy Obsession

Last month I wrote 40,000 words writing blog posts, freelance SEO projects, and resumes—I set myself a target of producing high-quality content for my clients each month, and I intend to deliver that target 12 months throughout the year, every year, undisputedly.

Anything less than that would leave me disgruntled. What’s fascinating is that when a deadline nears, the thought process loosens up, and the words flow more loosely.

A wave of adrenaline kicks in, and I begin to make better decisions under pressure.

I come up with the goods.

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writing for public relations

4 Weird Ways a Decade in PR Has Made Me a Stronger Writer

What sort of image comes to mind when you picture a public relations (PR) professional?

Perhaps you envision a glamorous life, filled with high-profile events and parties or long days spent bopping from client meeting to client meeting in sky-high heels. Unfortunately, most movies and TV shows get PR completely wrong.

Here’s a more accurate image of a day in the life of a PR professional: head down, at a computer, tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard.

Most people think because PR professionals work to attract the attention of the media that we aren’t doing much writing ourselves, but that simply isn’t true.

With nearly a decade of experience in the PR industry, first at a hospital, then at a tourism bureau, and now as the CEO of Jessica Lawlor & Company (JL&Co) working with my own clients, I know first-hand just how much time I spend each day writing.

Spoiler: It’s a lot.

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writing reviews

What I Learned About My Own Writing From Writing Reviews

Review. Criticism. Feedback. Three words that scare many writers. It’s arguably human nature to feel alarmed when someone points out mistakes and shortcomings. Most of us learn to cope with criticism.

But how many authors realize that writing a review can actually help their own writing?

I have worked with countless reviews as a writer-reader—the two are a bit like the concept of space-time; two facets of the same underlying reality. In other words, I have written reviews for others, and I have read reviews written by other authors.

As a result, I have realized that writing reviews can be an enlightening experience.

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