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writer's notebook

3 Things Writers Should Put in Your Notebook (And One You Shouldn’t)

The notebook is such a classic part of the writer persona that nearly every single stock image with the keyword “writer” has a notebook in it.

And why not? They’re useful. Daydreaming is a crucial part of the writing process, and you’ve got to put those down somewhere or they’ll get away from you.

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classical music boost creativity

How a Hans Zimmer Playlist Helps Me Write More Creatively

Writing is something I am passionate about. But much like any other intense job, it can become a little taxing at times. And it did for me at the beginning of my career as a writer.

As a full-time writer, my performance levels were dropping to below par and my creativity “mojo”’ hit somewhat of a slump.

Occasionally, I’d lose that swagger—and as those deadlines drew closer, it felt like there was just not enough gas left in the tank to see the job through, so to speak.

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writing muse inspiration

Walking Your Muse: The Steps to Take for Writing Inspiration

Spend time every day listening to what your muse is trying to tell you.

– Saint Bartholomew

If you are anything like me (though I’m certainly not accusing you of that), you’re a burgeoning writer who spends much of your time trapped in a small room, possibly surrounded by cleaning supplies, staring at a computer screen and praying for enlightenment before the fumes get to you.

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healthy brain foods

10 Healthy Ways to Feed the Brain to Feed the Keyboard

The hours between meals can be hell for those of us who work from home. Temptation calls.

After writing or editing a couple paragraphs, our mouths begin to water for ice cream, a glass of wine, or cookies as a reward. Snacks can be comforting and are rituals for the majority of us. However, they can be harmful when we choose the wrong ones.

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