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What You Can Learn From Writers You Hate

It’s an absolute necessity that anyone who wishes to write must read, and read a lot.

Not only is reading proven to improve your writing and help you learn, but reading also exposes you to creative methods you may not have been aware of before. That goes for any creative media. The more you consume, the more you learn and grow as a writer.

For instance, without reading poets like Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson, I would have never known that some of poetry’s greatest works contain zero rhymes. Without watching Memento, I would have never realized that time doesn’t have to be linear in the films I create.

Consuming media doesn’t just teach you, it shapes you.

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Outlining: When You Should vs When You Don’t Have To

When I hear the word “outline,” I shudder. It is by far the easiest way to strike fear into the heart of me, a habitual procrastinator and ~creative~.

Writers and non-writers alike often live by outlines. They provide organization and peace of mind when tackling a complicated topic or large project. In school, they are also highly regarded as the best way to take notes, and a good way to catch structural errors before most of the work gets done.

And I’ve always hated them.

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professional writer schedule

Setting and Keeping a Schedule: Confessions of an Unhealthy Remote Worker

As I sit down to write this article, four days past its due date, at one in the afternoon, after scolding myself for wanting to take a nap literally three hours after waking up, I ask myself why any reader would want to listen to me talk about a healthy work schedule.

Hear me out! My struggle makes the need for this article all the more apparent… because I’m one paragraph in and about to take a lunch break…

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writers consistency

Maintaining Consistency While You Evolve Your Content

Freelancers become what our jobs need us to be. We must be adaptable and flexible, but still maintain consistency in the quality of the work we produce.

I’ve learned a lot about consistency during my time as a content producer. Besides maturing as a person, I’ve also matured as a writer and entrepreneur. You have to when you’re producing the majority of several clients’ content.

I’ve also learned that entrepreneurs don’t always know what’s best for their company when it comes to content.

That’s not to talk poorly about any of the people I’ve worked for. I have great respect for people who can start a business from nothing and grow it into something sustainable.

The problem has to do with human nature and our aversion to long-term commitment.

AKA we tend to get bored of things after a while.

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