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Dan Andrews

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #5 With Dan Andrews

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Dan Andrews is an entrepreneur, traveler, and the location independent business owner behind the Tropical MBA brand and website. Dan and his business partner Ian also run the top ranking iTunes podcast of the same name, and the Dynamite Circle, a 500+ member paid entrepreneurs community. In addition to creating high quality content across the web that has cultivated an audience of fiercely loyal fans, they also own and operate a seven-figure eCommerce business specializing in a variety of industrially designed products.

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The Blinker

For the past couple weeks it’s been happening.

I’ve been logging on with the best of intentions.  Intentions of updating my stuff with witty banter and deep insights.  Intentions of being useful and putting together some really good content for people to read.  Intentions of at least hitting “publish” as that little blinking blog cursor taunts me with it’s flashing.

Sure, I’ve had the random case of writer’s block that snuck up on me out of no where and reared it’s ugly head at some very inopportune moments.  Like that annoying ex that shuns and ignores you for years but suddenly decides to be your BFF again (generally about the same time you update your Facebook status to read “In A Relationship.”)Continue reading

Jenny Blake

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #4 With Jenny Blake


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Jenny Blake is a bestselling author, blogger, career coach, and  business strategist. She started her blog,, in 2005 and translated it into a popular book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want. It serves as a portable life coach for 20-somethings filled with tips, quotes, and coaching exercises to help people focus on the big picture of their lives, not just the details.  Jenny has been featured on, US News & World Report, and Real Simple magazine, and has spoken at several major universities and top companies such as Columbia, TEDxCMU, Google, and Best Buy.

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Being Serious vs Being Taken Seriously

“Why would you ever use that as your profile picture?”

There wasn’t even a trace of sarcasm or concern in her question. It was pure horror. I might as well have been climbing up her chair trying to eat her brain.

“What do you mean? It isn’t a bad picture. I like it.”

We were discussing my choice to use the picture to the left out of all of the beautiful photos from the shoot Melissa Mullen did during my last visit home as my avatar on multiple social profiles.

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