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What Would It Look Like If I Started Replying to Queries and Pitches With GIFs?

I receive a lot of pitches and queries for submission here at Craft Your Content, for my own writing, and on a number of the client websites we help to manage.

Most days, going through these submissions is a highlight for me.

I love finding pieces that are genius and should be published and read. I adore finding pieces that need a bit of work, but I know are going to be pretty damn amazing after some polishing. I even enjoy working on pieces that have a great story and concept, but need a lot of heavy lifting to get it ready for public consumption.Continue reading

Announcing The Managing Editor Show Podcast

Why is it so hard to work with editors?
Why don’t my guest post submissions get approved?
What’s wrong with my writing?

Have you ever asked yourself or an editor a question like this?

If you have, you aren’t alone. My inbox is filled with messages from clients and readers asking the same thing.

I love those questions! It means someone wants to improve their skills and and take their content “to the next level.” That’s what we should all be striving for. If you aren’t growing, you’re dead.

Of course, I also get a number of messages in my inbox that…aren’t as constructive.Continue reading