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Be Nice to Your Reader

As writers, we should always be careful when making assumptions about the comprehension of our readers.

One of the first lessons any composition student learns is the importance of considering his or her audience. Who are they? What level of knowledge and comprehension are they bringing to their reading of your work?

When we ask ourselves to identify this hypothetical reader, we start by making our own, sometimes faulty, assumptions. Broadly speaking, these assumptions pertain to our readers’ abilities, which are typically assessed in terms of their level of education and their specialization in skills and knowledge.Continue reading


5 Ways To Maintain Your Motivation With Writing

You’re at the point where you really want to do this. You’re going to write as much as you can. You’re going to be an author whose genius is revealed through what you produce.

For about six months you dive voraciously into your work.

Then something happens. Where did all your motivation go? Sapped. The grand idea you once had now seems absurd or insurmountable. It’s not just writer’s block. It’s a lack of motivation to sit down and do work.Continue reading

Done Is Better Than Perfect – Except When It Comes To Content

Over the last several years, my social newsfeeds have been overtaken by memes and motivational quotes. I blame the lifestyle entrepreneur crowd. They seem to spend more time Instagram’ing how much they hustle instead of actually hustling. But hey – who am I to judge?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good meme or cheeky quote. What I can’t quite wrap my head around is one particular phrase that entrepreneurs, business owners, and writers alike have been standing behind:
“Done is better than perfect.”

Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Be a Novelist to Be a Writer

We all know the feeling. That hesitation when you tell someone you’re a writer.

That moment of awkward silence before the high pitched “oh!” and some variation of “that’s nice.” Most people automatically assume that by calling yourself a writer, you’re saying that you sit at home every day writing the next great masterpiece in literature. Or the newest round of Twilight fan fiction.

But that’s simply not true.Continue reading

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