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Why Does It Take So Damn Long for My Editor to Edit My Article?

You’ve just finished writing your latest piece and sent it off to your editor.

Great, you think, time to play the waiting game. Again.

As you piddle around watching Netflix and seeing how many cheesy poofs you can fit in your mouth (oh, sure, like I’m the only one who does that!), you start to wonder. What’s the hold up?

Surely it doesn’t take several hours, let alone a few days, to catch a few typos. You know your editor has a personal life, but still.

Why does it take so damn long for her to edit your article?Continue reading

What I’ve Learned About My Writing While Working with an Editor

The wise and wonderful Elisa asked if I would be comfortable sharing my experiences of having the Craft Your Content team edit my writing. It never dawned on me how personal the experience would be, so I immediately said yes.

As I read through past drafts, I see now how much I have learned. Though quite a bit of it has to do with a mastery (or slight lack thereof) of the English language, much of it has to do with myself personally.

I wanted to share my experience because, more and more often, I see my own clients letting the fear of an editor’s negative feedback take over, and it prevents them from producing a higher level of content. It’s like they dial it in with their simplest writing to avoid any potential questions or edits.Continue reading

The Editor’s Creed

Have you worked with a bad editor before?

One of the first conversations we have with too many clients is that they are apprehensive to hand their writing over to another absolutist who will strip their words. In the past, their editors would rigorously hack their work to pieces, barely leaving a semblance of the original author.

This works well in university writing labs and academic journal offices, but not so well for the conversational and personal nature of online publishing and content marketing.Continue reading

Edit a Friend's Writing

How to Edit a Friend’s Writing

Unless you’ve managed to keep it a secret, the people closest to you know that you use writing as a tool of expression. Maybe you specialize in poetry, original stories, or articles for niche websites, but the bottom line is you know how to write. You know all the rules to follow and how to break them, and you know how to edit your own work.

If that’s the case, then a friend of yours will inevitably ask you this question: “Can you look over my writing for me?”Continue reading