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writers and editors

Writers vs Editors: A Battle for the Ages

“It’s probably just typical writer vs. editor issues.”

I physically cocked my head at the email from a client as we were discussing some squabbles occurring between one of the editors here at CYC and the content writer.

Having worked as a professional writer for a decade before I opened an editing agency, I’ve run across my fair share of editors.

Some of them sucked.
Some were just doing their jobs.
A rare few were those editors that inspire and support, who make you want to be a better person writer.

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perfect editor

Swipe Right on the Perfect Editor for Your Company

Right before a first date, we often wonder how the date’s going to go — will we immediately make a connection, or will things go horribly wrong? How will we find the right partner? What qualities matter to us the most?

When you’re trying to figure out whether you should hire an editor for your blog or to edit your manuscript, you’ll probably be wondering similar things. Not necessarily in a romantic dating way, but in a business relationship-type way: How do I find the right editor for me? Will we get along, or will they be vindictive with their red pen? Do I really need an editor, or can I do this by myself?

If a business owner or an entrepreneur is considering hiring an editor, they often ask, “Is quality content really worth the money to pay an editor? Will it make or break my brand if I have a great blog? Do I need an extra set of eyes to make my content better?”

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The Secret Life of an Editor

Look in the acknowledgments section of almost any book, and besides a variety of loved ones, who do you almost always see receiving effusive thanks?

The editor.

Good writers know they can only be great writers once an editor gets a hold of their work. Every writer needs another set of eyes to catch mistakes and inconsistencies. Every writer needs an independent, unbiased viewpoint to say, “This makes sense,” or “I think you need something else here.”

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comma splice

Why Do We Miss Typos? How Proofreaders Improve Content

“Hey, Mom, did you see this? ‘Caesar salad’ is spelled wrong. And look, the text in this line is smaller than the text in the next line. Why don’t people check their menus?”

Misspellings, typos, and inconsistencies have always been major pet peeves of mine. Ever since I was a little kid, I have noticed typos in menus, advertisements, books, and public signs. Thankfully, I didn’t have access to email back then, because I would have sent angry emails all the time!

Ugh. Errors and typos are the worst! They are so irritating.

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