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Swipe Right on the Perfect Editor for Your Company

Right before a first date, we often wonder how the date’s going to go — will we immediately make a connection, or will things go horribly wrong? How will we find the right partner? What qualities matter to us the most?

When you’re trying to figure out whether you should hire an editor for your blog or to edit your manuscript, you’ll probably be wondering similar things. Not necessarily in a romantic dating way, but in a business relationship-type way: How do I find the right editor for me? Will we get along, or will they be vindictive with their red pen? Do I really need an editor, or can I do this by myself?

If a business owner or an entrepreneur is considering hiring an editor, they often ask, “Is quality content really worth the money to pay an editor? Will it make or break my brand if I have a great blog? Do I need an extra set of eyes to make my content better?”

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Don’t Skip the Previews: Marketing Tips Inspired by Movie Trailers

Watching the movie trailers that come before the actual movie is my favorite part about going to movie theaters.

When I go to the movies to watch the newest rom-com or the next Oscar Best Picture, I can count on seeing movie trailers of upcoming films of a similar vein, so I can plan ahead and figure out what movies I’m going to see next.

And the best part about trailers? They’re quick and ultra-engaging — in less than three minutes, I’ve learned who the main characters are, what the basic premise of the story is, and the major conflict (aka, the reason anyone watches any movie). I also get a glimpse of the tone of the entire movie.

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How Procrastination is Actually Part of Your Writing Process

Confession time: I totally procrastinated while writing this article (I know, the irony in the air is thick right now).

What might come as a surprise to you, though, is that I consciously chose to procrastinate.

I listened to podcasts. I read Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please. I took a nap (or three). I went out with friends. I did all these things while my deadline for the first draft of this article grew closer and closer, each minute ticking by. But I didn’t get mad at myself for not getting started. I didn’t even think about how I wasn’t writing my article.

When you’re in tune with your own writing process, you understand how procrastinating can actually be a part of your process, just as much as brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and proofreading are all steps in the writing process.

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