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love writing

Falling in Love With Writing Again

If there’s one emotion or feeling that I’ll often hear writers talk about, it’s love.

Ask a writer why they chose their profession (of, you know, writing for a living), and they’ll most likely tell you it’s because they love writing, from composing long-form articles to crafting personal creative pieces.

They love the feeling of capturing a certain emotion using the perfect combination of words. They love putting their ideas out into the world in hopes that they may connect with someone else, so that their words can inspire others. Each time a writer publishes their story, or wraps up the conclusion in a way that makes them feel warm fuzzies on the inside, it almost feels like falling in love over and over again.

Sure, I might be romanticizing writing just a little bit, but can you blame me? I’m a writer.

But just because a writer loves to write doesn’t mean that the feeling is always strong … When you’re in love, it’s easy to view the world through rose-tinted glasses.

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risk taking

Take a Risk and Do the Project that Scares You

Doing the thing that scared me most career-wise — taking on a project that I wasn’t 100 percent sure about — led me to where I am today: writing, editing, and working with awesome people.

When you’re a professional writer, people assume that if words are involved with their project, you can handle it. I had previously done copywriting for two issues of a literary magazine and taught and tutored writing for over four years. Between all of my previous experience, I felt confident enough with the fundamentals of copywriting to start working full-time with clients.

My very first “gig” was revising copy for a company that needed help with editing customer-facing product descriptions to make them sound snappier, more alive. Easy-peasy. But that same day, the project manager handed me another project: I had to come up with a brilliant tagline for a business-to-business (B2B) advertisement, with a deadline of that same day. My first thought: What the hell is a B2B ad?

Well, that was something I had to learn — and fast.

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entrepreneurial goals

Ditch Resolutions Based on Vanity Metrics — Set Entrepreneurial Goals Instead

Ahhh, the promise of a new year. I’m one of those people who enjoys thinking about my New Year’s resolutions, though believe me, I’m fully aware that lots of people think setting resolutions will just give them a headache and cause anguish when they aren’t able to achieve them.

I’m not one of those “New year, new me!” people; I just like to capitalize on the fact that a new year is starting, and it’s time to review what I’ve been doing for the last 12 months. Thinking about resolutions helps me figure out what I could do differently or better in the future, or goals that I didn’t achieve last year that I want to work on more this year.

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions — at least for me — is mostly a practice of reflection. I think about what I’ve done the past year, what I wish I had been able to achieve or do, and what I’m most proud of in terms of my accomplishments.

Maybe you had a goal last year to publish a certain number of articles, or guest post on a certain number of sites. Perhaps you achieved your goals, or maybe you met only half of them.

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writing music

The Optimal Soundtrack for Creative Tasks

I open my laptop, ready to get to work on the next item on my to-do list. But before I launch into anything, I immediately turn on some music.

Not just any music, though; lately, I’ve been getting my best work done when I’m playing a smooth, “New York” jazz compilation that I found on YouTube. You know, the kind of background music you hear in a coffee shop or a restaurant, with no words — just a bit of saxophone, jazzy piano tunes, and slow drums.

If you asked me what I was listening to a month ago, though, I would’ve told you it was one of my favorite indie rock albums, the ones I’ve listened to so many times that I’m not even listening for the words anymore.

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