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Writing and Creating in a Time of Uncertainty

It is a difficult time to be a human in the world right now.

Not insurmountable, but there are challenges. Aside from a sweeping global pandemic virus that currently has no cure, there is the social distancing and isolation, abrupt changes to schedules and lifestyles, fear for health and financial futures, worry about family and friends … the list goes on and on and could really be an entire piece in and of itself.

But you know the circumstances of your current existence, and probably don’t need me rehashing them for your mind to start spinning on.

Instead, we’re going to talk a bit about the reality of writing and creating in times of uncertainty and chaos, why it is important, how entirely impossible it can seem, and how you can overcome that.

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writer gifts 2019

19 Gifts for Writers – Craft Your Content’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s officially the 2019 holiday season and, let me guess, you are probably racking your brain to figure out the perfect gift for writers in your life.

Sure, there’s the conventional Moleskine notebook or items of jewelry that feature various typewriters or really fancy bookmarks. But, come on, you want to buy them something that will be not only helpful, but fun too. 

Imagine, it might even give them just the push they need to get that novel finished—turning you into a fairy godmother of sorts. Or it might allow them the space to turn off their writer’s brain and actually relax for five minutes.

But what do you buy for a writer, if you aren’t a writer yourself? 

Have no fear; help is near. I’m here to dish out some of our favorite writer gifts for this year. 

And hey, if you are a writer who always gets the same old writing gifts, and you’d love something new … well, pass this article along to the gift givers in your life!

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write in books

How To Write in Books to Become a Better Thinker

There may be no fiercer turf war in literary society than the preservation of a book’s pristine quality.

Seriously, those Oxford comma folks have nothing on this debate.

To write in, dog ear, markup, and annotate the books you read and love—or to carefully respect and honor the delicate spine and pure-white paper … that is the question.

I personally have been, and will always be, a contributor to the art of marginalia. Comments, symbols, highlights, underlines—they are all in there. Being able to mark important areas and note brief thoughts on what I’ve read are an essential part of understanding and interpreting what I’ve read.

That isn’t the case for everyone, though. In fact, some people get downright feisty about it.

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show writer love

How to Show the Writer in Your Life That You Love Them

Writers have…a reputation.

Whether it is that they are closed-off and obsessed, or flighty and bohemian, or difficult and pedantic, most of us have some sort of mental image of what we think being a writer is like.

That’s probably because we either saw it in a television show or movie, or we might have the pleasure of knowing an actual real-live writer in our own lives.

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