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8 Things in Your Writing That Make You Look Dumb (Even Though You’re Not)

Not everyone is an obsessive grammarian; that would be an absurd expectation. But we all have to write to communicate, and no one wants to look dumb, especially if you’re writing for work or self-promotion.

Some common habits in writing for social media, email, corporate communications, blog posts, and marketing materials can make you look like an amateur—even if they’re not technically incorrect.

Few readers are combing through your work for typos, misspelling, or forgotten commas. But most will notice traits that just make your voice feel off.

As an editor, I recognize these habits as non-writers’ efforts to write professionally—and I empathize. Readers, however, won’t think that far into it. They’ll take weak writing at its face and assume the ideas behind it—your ideas—are weak as well.

Here are some common issues I see in everyday content that make writers seem out of touch—and what to do instead to elevate your written communication.

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How To Write Well While Writing for SEO

I’ve been in so many rooms of writers, editors, and journalists who roll their eyes at the mention of search engine optimization (SEO). As a lot, we tend to be appalled that we must deign to taint our creations with keywords to appease the “Almighty Algorithm.” 

We seem to believe there’s good writing … and then there’s SEO writing. That’s probably because most advice on writing for SEO is about numbers and algorithms. It makes you assume search engines only like boring, robotic, and even awkward writing. That’s not true (anymore).

Good writers should love SEO. Not just out of obligation, but because it helps you make better content—and it’s not as complicated as it seems.

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How To Get 10 Pieces of Writing out of One Brilliant Idea

Companies and brands are expected to be everywhere online to engage audiences wherever they are. You have to think about blog and website articles, social media, visuals, and video content.

That can mean dumping a ton of resources and effort into your marketing. It could also mean a disjointed brand image if you or your team are working separately on strategies for each medium.

Thoughtfully repurpose content—especially around your best ideas—to squeeze the most value out of every idea and ensure a cohesive, comprehensive strategy.

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The Secret Element to Good Writing Most Writers Forget About

When, where, and how will an audience read your content?

You might be an engaging writer with a valuable message, but your writing will miss the mark if you fail to consider the context in which readers find it.

Context isn’t a new concept in good writing, but it’s probably never been more important than it is with digital media.

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