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Colin Wright

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #9 With Colin Wright


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Colin Wright is a professional author, entrepreneur, and blogger who co-founded the publishing company, He moves to a new country every four months based on the votes of his readers and spends his time on the road writing. He has been featured worldwide through his work and interviews on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and podcasts. While traveling, Colin runs a handful of businesses, self-publishes books, and does all he can to learn more about the cultures he lives in. He writes about entrepreneurship, minimalism, and long-term travel at, and is releasing his new book, Considerations, in November.

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Write For Yourself Not Your Audience Is Terrible Advice

There’s a long battle between content creators:

Should you write the things that are important to you, or should you write things that matter to your audience?

The first, writing for yourself, is about writing that which is on your mind and heart. There is a story somewhere inside you that needs to be let out for the world to consume.

The second, writing for your audience, is about writing content that will be interesting to your audience. It is about embracing the Ideal Reader concept and doing everything to serve them.

Purists claim that the first is the only way to be true to your artistry.

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Monica McCarthy

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #8 With Monica McCarthy


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Monica McCarthy is a writer, host, and world traveler who is currently the Experience Impresario for Holstee, where she directs their design and event studio created to help people live mindfully . She is also the founder of Cheshire Parlour, a contemporary philosophy salon, and Show & Tell Stories, an online video production company with the purpose of inspiring people to find and share their own story. A former Broadway, television, and film actress, Monica shares her own stories of misadventures and musings on philosophy, acting, and travel over at
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Why “No” Is Not The Scariest Thing You Will Hear

Many people will never step outside their box of comfort and complacency because the fear the rejection.

They fear hearing that tiny little word: NO

I somehow missed that sequence in my DNA structuring.

The way I figure it, if I’m already not doing something I want to be doing, then I’m getting a big old NO anyways.Continue reading