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5 Reasons to Write With Voice-to-Text Software

Are you fed up with your low writing productivity? Or maybe you’ve done your best to increase your typing speed and write faster, without success?

Then you’re in the right place because I’ve got good news for you. You can write faster and increase your writing productivity without typing, by using voice-to-text software.

So, what is voice-to-text software and how does it work?

Just by speaking, your words are captured as text on your computer or mobile device, and your dictation is converted to text as you speak.

Voice-to-text software is also known by other names. While some people refer to it as speech recognition software, others call it speech-to-text software or dictation software. You can use it to write both short- and long-form content and also to operate your computer through spoken commands.

Different types and brands are on the market, and some good ones are even available at no cost. While you can use some brands on both your computer and mobile device, others can only be used on one or the other.

Some popular brands are:

To fully appreciate this unique technology and find out how it can improve your writing speed, productivity, and even your overall health, check out these five reasons why you should write with voice-to-text software.

1. Write Faster Than Your Typing Speed

voice to text writing
Are the thoughts in your head going faster than the words you can type? With speech-to-text software, you can jot down your thoughts faster and increase productivity.

Whether you type 30 to 40 words per minute or reach speeds of 60 to 70, the good news is you’ll write faster using speech-to-text software.

Quite a number of people, including authors and professional writers, have used it to increase their writing speed and improve their productivity. Let’s take a quick look at the experience of one of them.

Bryan Collins is a nonfiction writer who writes for publications like Forbes. According to him, he normally types around 500 to 1,000 words in 30 minutes, but with dictation software, he went as high as 3,000 to 4,000 words in the same 30 minutes.

Awesome, isn’t it? Well, that’s the kind of improvement we’re talking about.

The basic truth is that with speech recognition software, you can write faster than your normal typing speed, without having to be a top typist.

2. Write More in Less Time

Because speech-to-text software helps you write faster, it goes without saying that you’ll write more in less time. Let’s take another look at the above example.

Bryan greatly increased his word count by using voice-to-text software, but do you notice anything else that he gained, apart from writing faster?

Well, it’s simple. With the use of dictation software, he achieved a word count that would have taken him two hours normally, so he saved one-and-a-half hours. With this extra time, he can produce even more writing or do other important things on his schedule that weren’t possible before.

In a nutshell, writing with speech-to-text software will help you save time and also help you use your time more efficiently.

3. Write Without Using Your Hands

Did you know that the legendary and inspiring Jon Morrow built a successful online magazine now worth millions of dollars, despite his inability to move anything but his face, by using speech recognition software and a lip-controlled mouse?

With voice-to-text software, writing can now be done completely hands-free.

Of course, this is big for those who cannot use their hands due to accidents, injuries, or health conditions but still have work deadlines looming. Using this software makes it possible for them to continue writing without their hands.

And for those without any hands at all or with permanent conditions preventing the use of their hands, writing is no longer an impossible dream because with this software, they can write as much as they want.

Dictation software also makes it possible to write while involved in other activities like washing the dishes, doing mild exercises, and so on.

4. Write on the Move

voice to text writing
When an idea suddenly springs out on you while you’re out for a walk, it’s easier to whip out your phone and speak than grab a pen and paper to write.

Another reason to use this software is that it allows you to write while you’re moving around or on the go.

Writing is an occupation that encourages a sedentary lifestyle, since the writer is normally chained to one spot during the writing process either in a sitting or standing position.

Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle is very dangerous for your health.

But when you write with voice-to-text software, you can move around freely in your office or wherever you are and still get your writing done.

With mobile devices, you can also write on the go when you’re out for a walk or on the road somewhere, making it easy and convenient for you to write much more and, at the same time, take good care of your health.

5. Minimize the Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury

Do you spend a lot of time every day typing on the computer and using the mouse? This can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI), also known as repetitive stress injury, over time.

But what is repetitive strain injury?

It’s a condition caused by doing repetitive actions and putting a lot of pressure on the same muscles, leading to the gradual damage of those muscles with time. RSI can affect wrists and hands, the neck and shoulders, and even forearms and elbows, with symptoms including mild to severe pain, tenderness, swelling, tingling, and numbness.

Some examples of RSI include carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tennis elbow.

When you use voice-to-text software to write, you’ll avoid damaging your hands and wrists and drastically reduce your risk of developing RSI. And if you’re already experiencing pain in your hands due to RSI, using this software will help you get all your writing done on time and also allow your hands to rest and heal.

Increase Your Writing Productivity

Whether you’re a professional writer or a busy entrepreneur, using dictation software for your writing is a good decision.

You’ll write faster and in less time without putting unnecessary pressure on your hands, and you’ll reduce the risk of developing repetitive strain injury. Added to that, you can move around while writing instead of being glued to your desk.

Bottom line: Choose to write with voice-to-text software so you can realize your dream of writing more without sacrificing your health.

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