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What Is Copywork (and How to Use It to Establish a Daily Writing Routine)

“Copying is the highest form of flattery,” my parents would tell me whenever I was annoyed about my friends “copying” me. I didn’t believe them. (I was 8 years old at the time; can you blame me?)

But then I started college, and this “copying is flattery” came back to haunt me. My literature professors would tell me, “If you want to write like an academic, you need to read a lot of academic writing.”

So, essentially, if I wanted to do well in college literature courses, I had to figure out a way to copy these writers.Continue reading

learn from writers

What You Can Learn From Writers You Hate

It’s an absolute necessity that anyone who wishes to write must read, and read a lot.

Not only is reading proven to improve your writing and help you learn, but reading also exposes you to creative methods you may not have been aware of before. That goes for any creative media. The more you consume, the more you learn and grow as a writer.

For instance, without reading poets like Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson, I would have never known that some of poetry’s greatest works contain zero rhymes. Without watching Memento, I would have never realized that time doesn’t have to be linear in the films I create.

Consuming media doesn’t just teach you, it shapes you.

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find inspiration as a writer

6 Books to Inspire Professional Writers

There are many ways to find inspiration as a writer: trying out new creativity prompts, eavesdropping on interesting conversations in public (super guilty of this — sorry every-person-who-sits-at-a-table-next-to-me-in-a-diner-ever), or meditating until a brilliant idea pops into your mind.

But the simplest, most certain way to get your creative gears turning?


When words are your great love — and corralling them into something cohesive is your career of choice — there’s no better way to spark your motivation and muse than by indulging in your passion.

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read faster

How to Read Faster (Without Speed Reading)

If you’re someone who can’t just get enough words, you’ve probably got an ever-growing list of books that you would love to read.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time to get through the volume of books or materials that we would like to, which may lead us to explore the enticing world of speed reading.

Imagine being able to start and finish a novel on your lunch break, or polish off a chapter or two while waiting for your toast. Seem too good to be true? Well, that’s because it is.

Though speed reading programs may have you convinced that increasing your reading speed to a superhuman level is within your grasp, it has been proven to be an impractical and unreliable method.

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