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3 Ways To Write Authentic and Persuasive Business Content

Writing for a business seems simple … at first.

You hit publish and then, you wait. And you wait.

And then, you wait a little more.

Weeks go by without any response, until eventually you hit “delete” and start again.

It is shocking how little engagement we business owners get from all the hard work we put in when we don’t get it right.

Articles and experts advise that we outsource the work to professional copywriters; however, it’s an extra expense most small businesses want to avoid, if possible.

While hiring a professional to write copy for your site is proven in most cases to lead to more sales, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get good copy.

The good news is, you can avoid the expense of hiring someone altogether by writing it yourself.

In this post, I’ll share with you all the things I learned through my personal experience with writing for my business: what worked, what didn’t. 

I’ll give you concrete tips on how to be authentic and persuasive and get tangible results from your efforts.

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