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How To Build and Maintain Reader Trust

Ever clicked an article that captures your interest and then abandoned it partway through? Even dismissed it entirely? Perhaps the headline promised something compelling, but the content didn’t deliver. Maybe the subject was something dear to your heart, but the writing came across as ill-informed or overly biased.

There are a whole host of reasons readers give up or reject an article. Poor flow. False promises. Off-putting walls of text. Untrustworthy or meaningless sales blurb. It’s easy to unintentionally write content that isn’t engaging, especially on unfamiliar subjects. Worse is falling into the trap of employing tricks to stand out from an ocean of posts on a trending topic.

The good news is you don’t have to be that writer. Follow the tips in this article to find techniques to keep your readers hooked to the end, build trust in your words and, more importantly, avoid common pitfalls.

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Simple Style Tweaks Your Readers Will Love You For

You’ve done it. You’ve written that killer story, or the zingy product copy to send to your client that will skyrocket their brand into the stratosphere. It’s spell-checked, proofread, and edited to perfection, with an eye-catching hero image in place. You’re quite rightly proud of your work.

Just attach and send, right?


Pulitzer Prize-winning content it may be, but take a moment to consider the recipient’s reaction. That first impression when they open the document. It’s in your best interest to make it easy for them to read. Your extra attention to detail might help a client turn your work around faster or even be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Sure, the content will be reformatted for publication by the client later, but your finished copy should shine in its own right. Considerate formatting is also beneficial for readers with additional needs, such as dyslexia.

To improve its impact, don’t look at your work with a writer’s or editor’s eye, but a designer’s. See if it delivers the right message and visually matches the story you’re telling. The design and layout should reinforce the style and tone you’ve used in the piece, as it affects the perception of your work.

If you don’t consider yourself a designer or know much about layout and fonts, don’t worry. These few simple tips will enable you to add visual punch to your copy.

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