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patience as a writer

The Importance of Developing Patience as a Writer

Remember the excitement you feel when different ideas come to your mind? You choose the best among them, you start researching, and begin to work on a draft of your text. 

Perhaps then you go a bit back and forth, reworking paragraphs, deleting words and lines, adding quotes.

Then you read your work, getting this fabulous feeling that it looks good. So you get ready to hit send or publish.

Stop right there. 

That unrestrained flow of thoughts needs to be reined in because it’s a trap. If you don’t think deeper about the main themes of your article, it could be a sign that you have rushed your writing.

You might be thinking your writing is great—trouble-free—because your thoughts rain words and phrases, helping you to work fast. Nope. False alarm.

Getting frustrated and having feelings of giving up are signs I consider positive because that will make you work better by forcing you to take a break.

Working on a highly creative project, like writing, without breaks, might indicate you lack patience.

So let me walk you through the bumps and hurdles that you might encounter in your journey to becoming a writer by sharing my experience on what I lost due to my lack of patience when it came to writing. 

Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and help yourself use your gift of writing to its fullest. 

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writing discipline tips

How To Get the Discipline Required to Become a Successful Writer

Writing is a creative process, and like any such endeavor, it relies on inspiration. However, many writers perhaps don’t realize that inspiration alone is not always enough. Another element is needed. That element is discipline.

The ideal situation for a writer is to be flooded with great ideas, with words and sentences seemingly flowing out of nowhere. But sometimes this isn’t the case.

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How To Tackle the Question of What to Write About

Let me tell you the one thing I know for sure: “What should I write about?” is a question all writers face, most or all of the time.

I also know waiting for inspiration to strike is not a solution. Finding a workable, effective way to get inspired is the primary step.

We are all aware that writing is done in isolation, but the material has to be collected from outside the confines of your workstation. Ideas can come from interactions with people, being out-and-about, and all forms of media.

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