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morning writing routine

6 Profound Benefits of a Morning Writing Routine (and How to Build One Yourself)

Some say you should write when you feel inspired. Others believe you should write every day of the week, whether you feel like it or not. Some prefer morning pages while others work best at night. 

There are a lot of arguments on the best time to write. 

I count myself as an early-bird writer. I do most of my writing in the morning, right after having breakfast. It’s when I find myself least distracted and come up with the best ideas. Once in a while, I still write at night when I can’t help putting the words down. But the result is never as good as the morning pages. 

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keep writing

Why You Should Keep Writing (Even If No One Is Reading)

Finally, you hit “publish.”

The blog post you’ve spent hours polishing, making sure everything is perfect, is complete.

Now you wait. One day. Then two. A week goes by, but only one or two people have seen your post. You poured your heart and soul into that post, but the result is disappointing.

It can be disheartening when no one pays attention to your work. A few views can make you doubt your ability to write.

But you know what? Every great blogger started out like that. 

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Fast content creation

Fast Content Creation: Top 5 Secrets of the World’s Most Prolific Writers

Look into the profiles of most prolific writers and you’ll see staggering figures: 

Stephen King has published more than 63 novels since his debut best-seller Carrie

Isaac Asimov, one of the “Big Three” sci-fi writers, wrote more than 500 books over his 53-year career. 

Anthony Trollope churned out 47 novels and dozens of short stories despite writing for only three hours per day. 

Charles Bukowski produced some 5,000 poems, novels, and short stories during his 38 years of writing.

How did these writers manage to create content so quickly? Do they possess supernatural powers to pop out content at lightning speed? 

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