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longhand writing benefits

4 Beneficial Reasons Why All Writers Should Write in Longhand

Gone are the days we sat down with our biro pens, finely sharpened pencils, and blank sheets of paper to jot down our ideas and drafts for that next big novel.

Technology has long since replaced longhand writing, with typewriters, iPads, iMacs, laptop computers, and desktops being the things for writers to “tappity tap” on.

Sure, computerized devices are much quicker—and, of course, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded hand cramp after writing for only a short duration of time … plus you can partially rely on spellcheck to alert you to those silly little grammar mistakes.

With the click of a button, your work is saved and stored in a folder of your choice; all you have to do is open up the file again and voila, you’re ready to pick up from where you left off.

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5 Reasons Why Having a Writing Mentor Is Crucial

I decided to take my writing to the next level a few years back and put my creativity to the test by starting my own freelance writing service.

It sounded easy back then; it wasn’t, and to this day … it still isn’t.

But it can be a little less daunting with the correct guidance and mentorship along the way.

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Having the Right Mindset as an Entrepreneurial Writer

How do we achieve our goals and reach the pinnacle of success as an entrepreneur who writes?

Through hard work? Natural raw talent? Of course, you need both of these attributes in your locker.


But first (and most importantly), you need the desire and hunger to succeed before you set out on becoming an entrepreneurial writer. This stems back from your mindset.

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healthy obsession

The Life of a Writer: A Healthy Obsession

Last month I wrote 40,000 words writing blog posts, freelance SEO projects, and resumes—I set myself a target of producing high-quality content for my clients each month, and I intend to deliver that target 12 months throughout the year, every year, undisputedly.

Anything less than that would leave me disgruntled. What’s fascinating is that when a deadline nears, the thought process loosens up, and the words flow more loosely.

A wave of adrenaline kicks in, and I begin to make better decisions under pressure.

I come up with the goods.

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