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How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Creative Process

“Nature is a writer

Springtime is a poet

Winter – dull but brilliant prose master

Summer, butterflies for apostrophes

Autumn an artist, colors with words implied …”

— Terri Guillemets, “Nature’s Inkpen”

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You Have to Crawl Before You Walk: From Brainstorming to the Final Draft

“C’mon, little guy, you can do it! Go ahead, sweetie, you can let go of my hand. Mommy’s right here if you need me. Ahhhhhh, there he goes! Yayyyyyy!”

Oh, the lovely sounds of a parent coaxing along a baby’s attempt to take their first steps. It’s such an exciting moment in a parent’s life. It seems like it takes forever for babies to get from doing little movements while lying on their belly (or tummy time), to rocking back and forth and bouncing on all fours, to crawling, to walking while holding your hands, to cautiously taking those first adorable steps.

The path that writers follow during their writing process is just like a baby’s development. The process of writing an article or a book is very similar to how a baby learns how to walk and talk.

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A Writer’s Work Is Never Done: The Quest for Perfection

I often get mad at myself when I don’t do something perfectly. It’s part of my perfectionist nature. I tend to be that way with many things, including in my work as a freelance proofreader and writer, and my job as a stay-at-home mom.

Even making pasta can get me upset. If I cook it a minute too long, I’m so disappointed with myself. And that’s saying a lot, because I am not a good cook. But there are a few meals that I make surprisingly well, and I want them to come out perfectly every time.

Many writers are perfectionists. Rewriting can be done so many times that it starts to drive a person bonkers. Writers often think they have left out something important in a piece, and it’s difficult to convince them to let go of the work and publish it.

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comma splice

Why Do We Miss Typos? How Proofreaders Improve Content

“Hey, Mom, did you see this? ‘Caesar salad’ is spelled wrong. And look, the text in this line is smaller than the text in the next line. Why don’t people check their menus?”

Misspellings, typos, and inconsistencies have always been major pet peeves of mine. Ever since I was a little kid, I have noticed typos in menus, advertisements, books, and public signs. Thankfully, I didn’t have access to email back then, because I would have sent angry emails all the time!

Ugh. Errors and typos are the worst! They are so irritating.

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