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How Compartmentalizing Can Help You Focus on Writing

Setting aside time out of your busy schedule to focus on writing can be difficult. Many of us are juggling full-time commitments, family life, school, and personal relationships. As a result, it can be challenging to find time to sit down, turn off all of your devices, and separate yourself from the rest of the world to write. However, as I’ve discovered, learning how to compartmentalize can help.

Simply put, compartmentalizing is to “separate into isolated compartments or categories.” Compartmentalizing means to keep the various areas and activities of your life separate from each other. 

It is important to note that compartmentalization is a learned skill. You must practice it consciously. If you are someone many others rely on, it will take extra focus for you to master this skill, because you will have to learn to not be available at all times. 

The good news, however, is that practicing this skill will also help to create boundaries you may have not been successful in creating before. These boundaries will not only allow you to take time to write or to spend time doing other activities for yourself, but they will also help to create a healthier balance between the many areas you are managing in your daily life.

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