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blogging strategically

How to Blog with Purpose: Thinking Strategically About Content in Your Business

Every day, entrepreneurs around the world ruminate over one question: how can I make my business succeed?

While the steps to success have always puzzled entrepreneurs, the inception of the Internet and the digital information age poses even more conundrums for business owners, both new and seasoned.

How do I create a website? Should I be on social media? What is content marketing? How important is having an email newsletter? What is an opt-in? Do I need to do a webinar?

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I’m Tired of Being Nice: One Crotchety Soul’s Wish for a Whole New Email World

Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I appreciate direct, no-BS people.

In my ideal world, we would all be honest, perhaps to a fault (see: The Invention of Lying). We would, from a young age, learn to communicate and be communicated to in earnest, and accept the hard facts without always having them couched in a compliment sandwich.*

This preference toward straight-shooting Ron Swanson types is why I don’t play well with gaggles of catty people or fit into highly politicized workplaces. I like to know where I stand.

That isn’t the world we live in, though, so we all have to adapt to some degree, myself included.

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overcome writer's block

Be in the Present: Using the Five Senses to Overcome Writer’s Block & Spark Creativity

If there’s one thing we here at CYC know well, it’s the agony of writer’s block.

When you write for a living, your words are your moneymaker, but making them come out and play is not always easy, or possible. Sometimes, you’ll sit down at your keyboard, poised to make magic happen, and suddenly find that you’re down the rabbit hole of YouTube’s finest dog trick compilations.

What happened there?

Your creative juices just weren’t flowing, so you abandoned the empty document for the internet playground, in the false hope that distracting yourself would ‘spark something.’

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freelance life

Making the Leap — 4 Things I’m Learning About Full-Time Freelance Life

One of my favorite television shows of all time is The Office.

If you’ve never seen it, it has all the fixings of the stock corporate workplace: drab decor, underwhelmed employees, bland work, and a cringey-yet-lovable manchild as a boss.

It was a show that spoke to those in cubicleland.

Part of what made people fall in love with The Office was not just its ability to portray touching moments in a mundane setting, but also its documentary-like film style that allowed characters to speak directly to the audience about their lives in this all-too-familiar setting.

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