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Measuring the Content Metrics that Matter: Do They Like Me? Do They Really Like Me?

Somewhere during the height of my adolescent angst, I received a great piece of advice: “Stop caring so much about what other people think.”

It is, in fact, a tremendous life strategy.

Especially when you’re facing a school full of fellow teenagers riddled with hormones and penchants for drama. Yet, as many discover while winding their way through life, this guidance becomes ever harder to follow.

There is always someone to try to impress. Or at least, to avoid being judged by.

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Idea Generation – How Ideas Are Made

There may be no two words in the English language that, when put together, strike fear in my heart quite like:

“Let’s brainstorm.”

Upon the utterance of such a phrase, which implies that I need to somehow instantaneously create or invent not one, but a plethora of ideas – good, bad, and “interesting” – quickly, out loud and in a group, no less… well it’s enough to make my poor, introverted brain explode.Continue reading

Finding Your Place While You Travel the World

How many times have you seen the words “travel” and “find yourself” lumped together?

From the study abroad posters featuring beaming college kids prancing around Prague, to REI’s brochure with the backpack-clad adventurer ziplining to Nirvana, traveling seems to promise us the world… literally. It will help you figure out who you are. The destination might be far, but the real journey is inside.

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