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Kate Erickson

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #6 With Kate Erickson

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Kate Erickson is the Content Creator and Community Leader over at Entrepreneur On Fire, a top-ranked daily business podcast featuring inspiring interviews with the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. She takes charge of creating insightful blogs on the site, as well as leading the Podcasters’ Paradise, a growing mastermind community with the aim to provide podcasters and podcasters-in-the-making with the necessary tools and resources they need in creating and growing their business. She is also the host of Kate’s Take, a podcast where she shares tips and advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur.
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The One Word You Just Need To Remove From Your Vocabulary

There are a lot of words that we could do without in our language.

Mostly buzzwords that have stayed too long and expletives hurled out merely because someone is not crafty enough to find another word to use. Grammatically, language is filled with adverbs and adjectives that make sentences poetic, but often are not necessary to the base structure. These words are called modifiers (or qualifiers) and their purpose is to “describe and provide more accurate definitional meaning for another element.”

(Whew! Composition and grammar lesson over now!)

I am guilty of lacing my writing with modifiers. I think it is (in part) because I am a word geek, and apparently I manifest that obsession by cramming as many words as possible into a single sentence.Continue reading

Dan Andrews

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #5 With Dan Andrews

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Dan Andrews is an entrepreneur, traveler, and the location independent business owner behind the Tropical MBA brand and website. Dan and his business partner Ian also run the top ranking iTunes podcast of the same name, and the Dynamite Circle, a 500+ member paid entrepreneurs community. In addition to creating high quality content across the web that has cultivated an audience of fiercely loyal fans, they also own and operate a seven-figure eCommerce business specializing in a variety of industrially designed products.

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The Blinker

For the past couple weeks it’s been happening.

I’ve been logging on with the best of intentions.  Intentions of updating my stuff with witty banter and deep insights.  Intentions of being useful and putting together some really good content for people to read.  Intentions of at least hitting “publish” as that little blinking blog cursor taunts me with it’s flashing.

Sure, I’ve had the random case of writer’s block that snuck up on me out of no where and reared it’s ugly head at some very inopportune moments.  Like that annoying ex that shuns and ignores you for years but suddenly decides to be your BFF again (generally about the same time you update your Facebook status to read “In A Relationship.”)Continue reading