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Taylor Pearson

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #20 With Taylor Pearson


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Taylor Pearson is an entrepreneur, marketer, and philosopher. He consults with authors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs about how to find clarity and confidence in their businesses, expand their marketing through thought leadership, and scale their internal business systems. A previous editor of the top rated business podcast, Tropical MBA, Taylor also hosted Concierge Medicine Radio, a weekly online radio show and podcast interviewing thought leaders, influencers, and physicians practicing direct pay and concierge medicine.  He writes about business, entrepreneurship, and philosophy over at TaylorPearson.me.

This Week’s Guest: Taylor Pearson

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week: 

  • No productivity productivity day
  • Writing in-depth and well-researched articles
  • Things you should know about working with beta readers
  • Questions to ask your beta readers:
    • “If you had to remove three chapters of the book, which three would you remove?”
    • “If you could only do three things to improve the book, what would they be?”
    • “While you’re reading the book, what’s the next thing you want to do?”

Mentioned In This Episode:

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